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Quark Italian Style

Posted 12:28 PM HST, November 17, 2010

Photo Credit: www.kitchenproject.com

This recipe for Italian flavored Quark is perfect as an appetizer, served with toasted crostini’s, soft sourdough bread, raw or blanched vegetables, crackers, or with slices of heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.  The Hawaiian recipe has been adapted from the Surfing Goat Dairy.


2 cups fresh organic goat quark

1 Tbsp dried oregano

1 Tbsp dried thyme

1 Tbsp dried marjoram
2 cloves of garlic, crushed or very finely diced

2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 cup Chopped Green Olives stuffed with pimentos

Handful of pine nuts, if desired

salt to taste


Crush garlic in a garlic press or finely dice, and place garlic in pan with oregano, thyme and marjoram, and just enough olive oil to coat the garlic and herb mixture well. Let the mixture sit on very low heat while you prepare the cheese mixture (10 min). If you’re pressed for time you can place the oil, garlic and herbs in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, just long enough to so that the herbs soak up the oil.  Be careful not to actually cook the herbs or get the oil too hot.  You just want the oil warm enough to release the inviting aromas and taste of the garlic and herbs.

To make the cheese mixture, place the quark in a large bowl, then chop the olives and mix into quark. Now mix in the garlic and herb mixture. You want the cheese to have a smooth consistency so add more olive oil if needed.  To finish, dribble a small amount of olive oil on top for effect, and garnish with ribbons of fresh basil and a handful of pine nuts, if desired.

If using as a dip, serve warm.  Or cover and chill to use Quark Italian Style as a garnish to your favorite fish, chicken or steak.  It also goes great with eggs!


HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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