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Eat Me: Fiesta
Time Has Hell in a Cup

Updated 11:05 AM HST, June 29, 2011
Posted 11:26 PM HST, June 28, 2011

By Kristin Hashimoto

Habanero chocolate ice cream. Photo by Kristin Hashimoto

As temperatures go up, people are looking for something to cool themselves down. This next treat is something of a contradiction. Habanero chocolate ice cream. It’s Hell, frozen over.

If you’ve ever driven in the sort-of-industrial area of Wailuku, you may have noticed a large bosomed woman, kneeling with a Mexican flag, with colorful and low-cut attire, painted on the side of a building. This would either be an indicator to see what’s inside said painted building, or a vibrantly hued sign to avoid going in at all costs.

For the curious, and the would-be lucky ones, a reward awaits you inside. Depending on the day, and availability, you might be able to try something hot – very hot. Yet, ice crystal cold.

This throat searing treat, comes topped with chocolate syrup, and bits of fire-orange  habanero peppers speckled throughout the rough ice cream. For those that love gelato and ice creams that are smooth and high in fat content, this ice cream won’t be what you’ll expect. Ice crystals are large and the resulting mouth-feel is more icy than creamy.

That first bite has your head locked in a logic argument with a physical, bodily sensation. Initially, sweet and cold, the tongue licks, mouth swallows, and a second bite is on its way down before a slow burning realization hits.

This icy-hot sensation isn’t for everyone. On the other hand, this heat might be nothing to habanero popping chili heads. For chocolate lovers, there are definitely more decadent chocolate ice creams to be had. But for the curious and the foodie adventurists, where new flavors and taste sensations are paramount, this chocolate-heat treat is worth the $3.50.

Fiesta Time is located at 1132 Main Street, and offers a full menu of Mexican food items. Call 808-249-8463 for more information.


HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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