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Maui Dance Advocates
Want Maui Rules Re-thought

Posted 07:41 AM HST, April 13, 2012

Photo courtesy, Anthony Simmons.

By Wendy Osher

A group of dancers from Maui held a Flash Mob at the State Capitol last week, in the hopes that lawmakers would support a bill to help liberate dancing rules on Maui.

Under current rules, dancing in places that sell alcohol in Maui County can only be done in a non-consumption area, and must be taped, roped or some how segregated from the rest of the bar.

“If you are not on the dance floor you are not allowed to dance,” said Anthony Simmons, President of Maui Dance Advocates in email communication.

“The Liquor Commission does not have a definition of dancing so if you are bobbing your head, tapping your toe or popping your shoulders you would be asked to stop moving,” said Simmons.

House Bill 1339, introduced by Rep. Kyle Yamashita of Maui, would require the county Liquor Commissions to adopt or amend rules by July 1, 2012, regarding conduct of patrons and to define the term “dancing.”

Simmons said the group has been trying for the past two months to get a hearing on the measure, or at least have it deferred to the senate floor.

In his efforts to rally support, Simmons advised advocates to, “be cordial and nice, but let them know the people of Maui want to dance.”

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • cmholm

    Unless the Liquor Commission can show a non-trivial, non-manufactured safety-related cause for the dance area rule, the rule should be dropped by default. A suitable dancing area should prove self-policing, in that few will care to dance if there is insufficient room, and anyone too inebriated to notice is already covered by Rules of the Liquor Commission, Chapter 101, Subchapter 6, Section 08-101-60 (5), and liable for ejection from the premises.

    • JSantos

      This is exactly it.  The whole dance rule is manufactured.  There was probably once incident, decades ago, that caused the liquor commission to over react.  I have never encountered such a rule anywhere else in the country or the world.  It should be nullified. 

  • GirlsJustWannaDance

    I don’t get out to bars much, and only see the occasional show at the MACC. That being said, it’s not that I don’t want to go see live musicians wherever they happen to be playing; it’s that there is no place to move my body to the types of music that I enjoy. I have seen several artists at the MACC in the dreaded Castle Theater where there is no place to exuberantly and actively enjoy the music and it leaves me feeling dissatisfied. In the end, I decide to save my money and enjoy music in the comfort of my own home where I can move and groove and have a great time.
    In reality, there are many places in many parts of the world wherepeople have been enjoying music and dance and libations all in the same place, and despite some minor issues now and again, it seems to work for everybody.

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