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UPDATE: Police Identify Man
Killed in Kahului Motorcycle Crash

Updated 09:08 PM HST, May 8, 2012
Posted 02:58 PM HST, May 8, 2012

File image by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

(Update: 8:43 p.m. 5/8/12)

Maui Police have identified the motorcyclist killed in an afternoon crash on Dairy Road today as Jerome Armstrong, 40, of Lahaina.

The accident was reported at 2:22 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8, 2012 on Dairy Road at the Pakaula Street intersection.

According to a preliminary investigation, a silver 2007 Honda Odyssey van, was traveling southwest (toward Lahaina) on Dairy Road, when the 55-year-old driver executed a left turn onto Pakaula Street (toward Home Depot), and failed to yield the right of way to an oncoming motorcyclist.

The silver 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 600 motorcycle that Armstrong was driving, was traveling northeast

(toward the Airport) on Dairy Road at the time of the crash. Authorities say the motorcycle collided with the right side of the van.

A 49 year old female, resident of Lana’i, who was seated in the front passenger seat, was not injured.

Armstrong, meantime, sustained life threatening injuries and was transported to the Maui Memorial Medical Center

Emergency Room where he later died.

The crash remains under investigation. Maui police say all occupants of the van were using their seat belts, and Armstrong was wearing a helmet and protective eye wear.

The crash was Maui County’s 13 fatality this year, compared to five at the same time last year

(Update: 6:10 p.m. 5/8/12)

Dairy Road is completely opened as of 6:10 p.m.

(Update: 4:35 p.m., 5/8/12)

Maui Police started a contra-flow of traffic on Dairy Road between Puunene Avenue and Hukilike Street at 4:35 p.m. The road was completely closed to traffic in the area earlier this afternoon following a motorcycle accident involving a van. The motorcyclist has since expired, and the investigation is ongoing. The accident was first reported at 2:28 p.m.

(Update: 3:50 p.m. 5/8/12)

Maui police and medics have confirmed that the motorcyclist involved in this accident has since died.  An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the crash.

(Posted: 5/8/12)

A motorcyclist was transported to the Maui Memorial Medical Center this afternoon in critical and unstable condition after colliding with a van in Kahului, according to authorities.

The incident was reported at 2:28 p.m. (Tuesday, May 8, 2012) on Dairy Road at the Pakala Road intersection near the Harley Davidson store.

The accident forced the temporary closure of Dairy Road between Puunene Avenue and Hukilike Street.

When Medic 1 from Wailuku and Rescue 10 from Kahului responded to the scene, crews found a helmeted male operator that was unresponsive with multiple traumatic injuries, according to Ryan Joslin with the MCPA.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Sue

    Such sad news… my heart goes out to this man’s friends and family. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1481243576 ‘Johnny Vares

    I ride almost daily… God bless you brother. I don’t wear a helmet. Because when tons of rolling steel and plastic hit you…it won’t matter.

    • 3dearmary

      I read your comment and I beg to differ.  I worked in trauma for twenty five years and the ones with the helmets have a better chance than those whose brains are scattered all over the road.  If you do not believe this fact, goggle it.  

      • Gern Blanston

        Mary, you are right, but the anti-helmet people obviously don’t think it through enough to do the math. If you see a motorcyclist with no helmet, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that they are not actually a “rider”- their motorcycling skill set has not developed one iota since they first learned how to get a motorcycle rolling without killing the engine with the clutch.  Instead of developing their skill set,  they have simply become more comfortable at sucking over time.  Most of them cannot steer or brake well enough to have any role in their own survival- they are only alive because no one has killed them yet.  Many don’t even know which way to push the handlebars to make the motorcycle turn in the direction they intend.  They are only interested in polishing their chrome, putting on their Village People costume, and then wobbling from one bar to the next on Sunday afternoon.

      • Gern Blanston

        Mary, look up “Bad Boy Brad Gets A New Bike” on youtube.

  • pangkin

    my deep prayers and condolences on behalf of this motorcyclist..may he r.i.p. :(

  • E546g7

    REST IN LOVE MY FRIEND.. YOU WILL TRUELY MISSED.. ND ALWAYS REMEMBERED.. :'(.. My deepest nd heart <3 felt condolence to your family..

  • l.a .p .i.

    god bless his soul and when god say this is u last day no matter what if uwear helmet forgive the ones think the oposit

  • Gern Blanston

    What a tragedy.  I wonder what the van driver’s blood alcohol level was.

  • Renditions

    Stupid donkeys on the road no can fkn wait….rip jerome.

  • roselane

    So SAD we should all be more aware of motorcyclist on the road.  Condolences to the family.  RIP 

  • Angeliktor

    So sad for this, people need to be aware of the surroundings. Don’t drive aggressively.  About the helmet, in some cases it does help. My friend was hit by a truck a year ago, and the helmet actually help him.

  • Lisa

    Jerome was such a great person! Heaven gained an amazing soul today and I can only hope he continues to make us all smile. My heart goes out to his family.

  • no can

    Someone pointed out that with gas prices still going up more people are turning to motorcycles for transportation. Wonder if that’s why it seems there are more motorcycle collisions out there.

    • Gern Blanston

      It is simply not possible to “save money” by buying a 600 Supersport.  The cost of the bike payment, insurance (on a 170 mph vehicle), tires ($500 every few thousand miles), chain/sprockets, and other maintenance is going to cost A LOT more than your currently spending in gas on your F350.  Add to that a full set of PROPER safety gear (which can run several THOUSAND dollars for helmet, full leather suit, spine protector, leather riding gloves, and leather riding boots), and a riding school so that you actually know how to ride well enough to have a role in your own survival, and anyone could do the math.  But most don’t, and many die because of it.

  • Anonymous

    People drive so unaware of what is going on around them, always in a hurry to shave two lousy seconds off their trip, and this poor man pays for that with his life, very sad, I wish people in cars would share the road with cyclists better, especially on an island with an abundance of bikes and scooters.
    RIP brother.

  • Jus808cruz

    for those who are posting stuff about the driver…don’t post stuff you don’t know nothing about.

    • Julianathayane09

      It really doesn’t matter, he killed my brother!!

  • Joe

    We don’t know the actual cause of this accident, and we will probably never know, since MauiNow doesn’t follow up on accidents once they are no longer “news” (what’s new with the investigation of the collision that killed 5 kids in Kula, for instance?).  This motorcycle can go from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, so the car may have been behaving properly (making a left turn in front of a motorcycle that was far away) and the motorcycle may have been going too fast, OR, the driver of the car may have not seen the motorcycle or judged its speed incorrectly.  We don’t know and we probably never will.

    • Gern Blanston

      A vehicle making a left turn across traffic is required by law to yield the right of way, that is all.  The law does not allow you to murder other people because you think they are going too fast.  The law does not cease to exist simply because you fail to see an oncoming vehicle.  The law simply requires you to yield the right of way.  This driver failed to yield the right of way, and killed a motorcyclist. 

    • Gern Blanston

      Even IF the motorcyclist was speeding, it is important to know that speeding is an infraction.  You cannot go to jail for simply speeding.  A small fine is the only penalty possible.  We certainly don’t take it upon ourselves to forgo due process and summarily execute people on sight, for infractions. 

    • Waiakeabigdog

      Joe, you hit it on the head, my friend. If you want to know the names of the dead before their  kin have been notified, or other superficial “news” a few minutes before it is posted by every other outlet that actually takes the time to confirm it, then MauiNow if your website. They will never have the ability to look in-depth at real news items as you mention.

      For courts, elections, analysis, investigation — anything other than ambulance chasing, special interest reporting of the staffers and copy-and-paste press releases — go to the local newspaper website or watch the TV news. You’ll get the info you actually need.

      This website is taking all the money it makes back to its mainland owners and Maui businesses should be ware.

  • 3dearmary

    Thirteen motorcycle accidents year to date..hum!  We lost a man who was wearing his protective gear, ie., Helmet and goggles.  How many have died or worse, lived with brain trauma due to wearing NO HELMET.  I truly believe that any person(s) that does not wear a helmet is an idiot. 

  • Wayne

    Jerome is my son and my friend. My wife and I, Jerome’s three sisters and brother, his eight nephews and nieces, his wife and 8-year old son, and his hundreds, if not thousands, of friends, are missing him dearly.  We have cried and we have laughed hundreds of times in the past four days remembering his outgoing personality, his comedy, and his love for people and for life. Jerome lived life to the fullest.  A part of all of us died on May 8, 2012.  The person riding next to you on a motorcycle is a child, a parent, a spouse, and a child of God; so please practice caution with our two wheeled friends. Jerome will be sorely missed.   

    • Gern Blanston

      Wayne, I am sorry for the tragic loss of your child.  You and your family have been in my prayers.

  • Chris

    I’m a pretty young rider but with 9 years of experience riding a 600 like he was riding. I have been riding at home and in the mainland (San Diego) and what is true everywhere is that people just do not see you. Most drivers glance at where they want to go and if they don’t see what they expect, like a car or truck, they just proceed. I must be critical on the rider though. Cars hit each other all the time that’s why they have so many safety features, and obviously on a motorcycle you have almost none in comparison. Being a rider you have to be the most defensive person out there. You have to watch every vehicle around you and anticipate drivers in front of you. Hell I know every single pot hole, rut, and debris on my way to work and back! Most motorcycle accidents are usually not their fault, so please riders you have to take the responsibility of being extra aware because drivers do not for us. This is a sad and horrible accident, but very typical. I have read before most motorcycle accidents occur in an intersection. I hope someone reads this, drivers and riders so we can share the road better.

    • Gern Blanston

      Chris, describe your skill level.  Riding education?  Track days?

      What made you choose a 600 Supersport for general road use on Maui?

      • Julianathayane09

        It really doesn’t matter because my brother has been riding a bike for over 20 years, & it still happend, have some respect for the family!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MROABFKIDJHSZCGGVA3L4X4E7Y Wayne

    I am Jerome’s father and I commute 170 miles per day on a motorcycle throught the heart of (CA) Riverside County, Orange County, and LA County. I have been on motorcycles for 30 years and yes, I did ride till the late 80’s without a helmet (no helmet laws in CA).  For those of you commenting sidebars about helmets, yes they do save lives.  At lower speeds, if they are DOT and Snell approved, they can save lives.  The half-domes and 3/4’s are less protective.  A full-face saved my life in 1991.  Layers of clothing will protect skin, but not bones.  At higher speeds, it won’t matter.  People get killed in cars at 30 mph!  What makes you think a motorcycle accident at 30 mph will enable you to survive a motorcycle accident WITH A HELMET?  There are two basic rules of thumb you MUST abide by to help you survive on a motorcycle:  1) remember – you are invisible (cars have a difficult time judging your speed as you are on-coming; and never ride in a cluster of cars – someone won’t see you), and 2) Everyone is out to kill you.  The bottom line – drive defensively on 2 wheels.  If you remember these 2 things and drive defensively, you stand a better chance of not getting in an accident.  Some say it isn’t a matter of IF, but WHEN!  Cars making left hand turns in front of motorcycles, whether opposing or same direction traffic, kills 40-50% of motorcycle fatalities.  If on 2 wheels, be safe and LIVE!  I do not want to confront the man driving the 2007 Honda Odyssey, because I don’t know the outcome.  I will say, however, I find it difficult to pray for him, but I try.  It will be quite awhile before I can forgive him.  Killing someone to save a few seconds does not register in this engineer’s mind.

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