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Paia Fish Market Owners
To Open Haiku Restaurant

Posted 09:33 PM HST, June 6, 2012

By Madeline Ziecker

New Haiku Sushi restaurant owners Yuri Soledade (left) and DeWitt Lickle (right) in front of their establishment-in-progress. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

A mysterious black construction partition has appeared in Haiku, lining the long-abandoned green building between Lilikoi Grill and Haiku Post Office. What could be behind it?

As Maui Now discovered, in a few months, Haiku residents can look forward to fresh sushi and Japanese-inspired cuisine from their new neighbors, the owners of the north shore’s popular Paia Fish Market.

Paia Fish Market owners Moon Green, DeWitt Lickle and Yuri Soledade have been looking for nine months for a spot to open another mouth-watering establishment on the north shore.

Towards the beginning of April, they found their dream location. They’ve already started construction and expect to have their grand opening in early fall.

When thinking about food on the north shore, Paia Fish Market is one of the top three restaurants that comes to mind for both locals and tourists.

In front of the new restaurant location at 810 Haiku Rd. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

Every day, hundreds step through the Fish Market’s doors to enjoy their delicious and unparalleled fresh fish burgers and other seaside delights after a surf or for a quick dinner.

Co-owner Yuri Soledade says he’s looking forward to having a new forum to explore other types of ambiance and cuisine with the same values as fish market (good quality, local ingredients, and original dishes). Because of Fish Market’s ideal location in Paia’s hub, customers are more-often-than-not packed like sardines, fighting for a place to sit down. Soledade anticipates having a larger eating area with a slower pace.

“Everyone’s had very positive reactions to the news,” said Soledade.

“We’re trying to do something more locally-geared for the community, and bring a good restaurant to Haiku. It’ll also be great to make use of that space that has gone unoccupied for so long.”

A shot of the upcoming Haiku sushi restaurant location. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.

It is truly slim-pickings upcountry in the way of really good food and ambiance. Though the businesses in Haiku’s small hub are mostly restaurants, it’s hard to find something that really hits the spot. Some places have decently prepared, good-quality food, but you wouldn’t want to sit there and eat it. Other places have a cozy setting, but the food is underwhelming, mediocre, and overpriced.

With Chef Hiro (Jacques’ sushi bar veteran and “Iron Chef” of the north shore) leading the new restaurant’s team, Haiku is sure to get a dose of some of the best local food they can find, right down the block.

The menu will consist mostly of sushi and Japanese-style food with a touch of some local favorites.

“Were going to do sushi like it’s never been done before,” said DeWitt Lickle.

Lickle told Maui Now that they’re not quite ready to release the name yet to the public, “But I’ll give you a hint – it’s a beautiful Japanese name for a pickling technique. Good luck.” Could it be Nukazuke?

Comment below to share what you think the mystery name of Haiku’s new Japanese restaurant might be. 

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Dakine


  • Dakine

    Love Chef Hiro!!!   Have missed him soooo much since Jacques closed!!!!

  • Inikiniki

    I welcome something new to the town I grew up in, as it was once just really a few homes and real fruit and juice cannaries. Sushi and good Japanese/ Asian food will ADD to the already abundant choises of eateries. Haiku has not been easy to start and keep businesses running, that’s why I was so disappointed that you had to put down the other places to make your point in the story. I thought it was rude, unnecessary, and untrue for many fans of the Haiku scene. I think it was also irresponsible as places have a hard enough time surviving in the present economic climate. Boo to you.

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