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Child Abuse Subject
of Maui Radio Show

Posted 11:34 AM HST, June 13, 2012

Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez (left) and Kellie Pali (right) in studio on The Maui Breakfast Club radio show. Photo by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

Child abuse awareness will be the focus of discussion on an upcoming radio program on Maui.

The discussion was prompted by recent media stories where allegations of child abuse were raised.

Jani Sheppard, CEO of Maui Family Support Services, will be the featured guest on the Friday, June 15, 2012 edition of the Maui Breakfast Club radio show with hosts Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez and Kellie Pali-Cruz.

Among the topics to be addressed will be the danger of child abuse on Maui and in Hawai’i, how to recognize symptoms, and what action can be taken if child abuse is suspected.

The Maui Breakfast Club airs Monday-Friday, from 7 to 9 a.m. on KNUI AM 900, and on the internet at KNUIMaui.com.  The Sheppard interview will be broadcast during the second hour of Friday’s program from 8 to 9 a.m.

Listeners can call in questions at 856-2836 during the show, or by posting a question on Facebook at the Maui Breakfast Club Radio Show site.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Guest

    I’m pretty sure it’s proof “calling the authorities” won’t protect children when 4 year old Zion is DEAD after multiple calls to CPS and the authorities.  Very sad and disappointing.  Who can protect our children?  I don’t understand……

  • Concerned Maui Girl

    I was driving through the Walmart parking lot today and I saw a child being abused.  A woman I am assuming his mother picked up a little boy (looked around 2 year old) by his hair and threw him in the back seat of a 4 door gold/ light bronze 90’s Honda Accord with a black sticker above the driver side door handle that said Vibe. I called 911 and the operated seemed disinterested in what I was reporting. I gave him the license plate number and description of the people. An hour later the police called me back to ask me for all the information I had already given to the 911 operator. The operated passed along my phone number to the officer not any of the other information. 45 minutes passed before they had even started looking for this little boy. I think it is absurd that 911 and the Maui Police department hadn’t tried to locate this child sooner and who knows if they even will. It is terrible that a helpless child has to grow up being abused and when someone reports it, the police have a chance to stop it but missed the opportunity.  I hope they find this child and removes him from his horrible parents.

    • Baja808

      This is how children die.

      I saw something similar at baby beach.  I felt so bad for the kid.  I called CPS on the family.  I tried to intervene and the father threatened me if I didnt mind my own business.

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