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HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter

Live Election Results Coverage:
Maui Now, UH Ch. 55, AM 900

Updated 12:31 PM HST, August 11, 2012
Posted 11:55 AM HST, August 8, 2012

Behind the scenes at the UHMC Ka’aike studios.

By Maui Now Staff

Live results coverage of the Primary Election on Maui will be broadcast live in a partnership between the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College, Pacific Radio Group and Maui Now.

The live program will start at 5:30 p.m. this Saturday, August 11, and will be carried on MCTV Cable 55, KNUI AM 900, and via a stream on at mauinow.com.

The Decision 2012 program is the product of an ongoing partnership between UHMC and the media professionals at Pacific Radio Group.

Primary 2012 Live Election coverage on MCTV Ch. 55, KNUI AM 900, and mauinow.com.

The broadcast features a student panel who will co-host the coverage alongside radio broadcast professionals.   The show features live election returns, candidate interviews, and up to the minute results on races that matter to Maui County.

“Not only does Decision 2012 provide Maui County viewers with local, homegrown coverage of the issues,” said Mike Albert, UHMC Media Coordinator. “It also provides an opportunity for students to work side-by-side with professionals in the industry.”

“Our goal is to get out the information people want, while we also provide a perspective of what the results mean to Maui County from candidates, supporters and students,” said Wendy Osher, News Director for Pacific Radio Group, who will co-host along with KPOA program director Alaka’i Paleka and PRG’s Fred Guzman.

“Decision 2012 gives our students the opportunity to engage in the process of politics live,” added Malia Davidson, Program Director of Liko A’e and Student Coordinator of the event. “Our students come from a diverse demographic, which lends to their synergy on air. They will be learning every moment by hearing, seeing, and being a part of a production that comes every two years.” 

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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    It is not fair nor unbiased news coverage to have Alaka’i Paleka as one of the hosts of the elections coverage!  Alaka’i has done numerous endorsements for one of the candidates for the Democrat nomination for the Second Congressional District.  It is not possible to be objective when she has made campaign advertisements for one of the six candidates.  Pacific Radio Group and UHMC need to look at their selection of hosts for your coverage.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000394317279 Karen Chun

       Alaka’i is a professional radio personality and it’s most likely part of her job.

  • http://www.simonrussell2012.com/ Simon Russell

    I was was interviewed by Fred last night, and thought it was a wonderful oppertunity to speak to the citizens of Maui Nui, but after I left the studio I was watching the rest of the program, and twice heard Fred Guzman mention that George Fontaine is the only Republican in the House, when he is actually one of 8…jus sayin’.  However, in the Senate there is just one Republican, and that is Sam Slom.  The point is though, the Legislature is 90% democrat with one of 25 in the senate minority party, and 8 of 51 in the house minority party.  We need a multi-party system here, capable of representing the different viewpoints of our diverse population.  See more on my website.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000394317279 Karen Chun

       Fontaine is the  only house republican FROM MAUI COUNTY

  • Florian

    Nik, Karen, Simon, this is what you can expect from Maui Now, they are far from perfect. If you want unbiased coverage, watch the established TV stations or the established newspapers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AAD74PB5YK26E5EL4EXS6PW4IA Marc Jaslow

    I sent out my voters registration forms months ago!  I was never sent the card that tells me where to go vote!  I smell a lawsuit brewing!

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