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MECO Offers Free Emergency
Handbook in 5 Languages

Posted 12:55 PM HST, December 13, 2012

MECO workers, file photo by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

Non-English speaking residents and visitors will have greater access to emergency information with the translation and publication of the Maui Electric Company Emergency Handbook in different languages.

The reprint in English, Ilocano, Korean, Cantonese, and Vietnamese is intended to serve the growing diversity of ethnic groups on Maui.

The book features helpful tips and checklists, and also includes information on how to prepare for storms, hurricanes or other emergencies.

Additional features include electrical safety information, details on the location of statewide public emergency shelters, and emergency contact information.

Some tips to remember include the following:

  • Check and restock your emergency supplies at least once a year.
  • Have family meetings about preparing for an emergency and discuss evacuation plans ahead of time.
  • Prescription medication is sometimes overlooked during evacuations; make a list and include it with your emergency kit.

“This book provides quick and useful information on how you can prepare your home and business before an emergency happens,” said Sharon Suzuki, MECO President. “Anything can happen at any time and its best to be prepared,” she said.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • BJ

    How about MECO concentrat with their resources to keep the grid up for at least 30 days without a major outage…like again this afternoon! Last month was all afternooner in Kihei! Jeeze, for all the accolades we give them and the highest rates in the country, you’d think they couldd build a better grid

  • bj

    Its not MECO’s job to produce free handbooks…its their job to provide reliable electricity; which they have a very poor record lately. We dont pay $38kwh for free handbooks, but “reliable” electricity!

  • Rachel

    The handbook is an excellent resource for emergency preparedness and as a health educator I am grateful to MECO for providing it.

  • bj

    Rachel, Im sure the handbook is excellent, but why is the electric company producing it when we have monthly grid outages and there are multiple county and state disaster agencies that are funded to produce disaster preparedness.

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