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Maui’s New Movie Reviewer
is a Pidgin-Talking Pigeon

Posted 04:39 PM HST, December 14, 2012

By Maui Now Staff


Da Pidgin’s self-described “sexy” headshot. Courtesy photo.

In news that is almost too weird to type, a pidgin-talking pigeon that reviews movies here on Maui debuts today.

While the two most obvious questions are “who comes up with this stuff” and “why?” the answer to both will have to remain a mystery, possibly forever. The voice behind the bird with the big lips is a well-known Hawaii entertainer who prefers to remain nameless.

Da Pidgin’s debut video review can be watched here.

“Da Pidgin has been everywhere, talked to everyone, about everything,” says Da Pidgin, in an apparent adoring parody of some of our local personalities.

A new video movie review from Da Pidgin will appear every Friday here on Maui Now on the Movies page. The Movies page also includes times and listings for cinemas around the island, and the ability to suggest a film for Da Pidgin to review.

Local and national celebrities will appear from time-to-time on the weekly videos as guests, says the creator.

Da Pidgin will also be appearing during the ad breaks for the cable television show Local Boys Inc., on OC16, starting next Saturday (12/22).

To check for the new film review each Friday, click on the “Movies” button on the navigation bar at the top of each page on this website.

He (it?) can be found discussing more than just movies (language warning) on DaPidgin.com, although the website is not yet live. For now, you can visit Da Pidgin’s Facebook page.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • no give me lips

    A pigeon with lips. LOL :-))

  • Kanakattackkah

    Stupidest junk I’ve ever seen. Waste money.

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