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Explore American Whiskey
and Bourbon at Makena

Updated 04:48 PM HST, February 11, 2014
Posted 02:01 PM HST, February 11, 2014

By Maui Now Staff

Appetizers from a prior Liquid Chef event. Photo by Vanessa Wolf

Appetizers from a prior Liquid Chef event. Photo by Vanessa Wolf.

This Thursday, Feb. 13, the Makena Beach & Golf Resort continues its Liquid Chef Series; drink-making demonstrations performed by master mixologists utilizing top shelf spirits.

This time they’re once again partnering with Young’s Market Company Hawaii. Join Master Mixologist Joey Gottesman as he creates three signature cocktails featuring America’s most popular whiskey and bourbon brands, including Templeton Rye, Elijah Craig, Old Forester, and McCarthy’s Single Malt Whiskey.

The tasting event will include a one-ounce tasting of all four featured whiskey and bourbons, followed by a demonstration and tasting of three signature drinks.

Attendees can expect to sample and learn to prepare:

  • The Sazerac: often called the “first American cocktail,” this drink is crafted with Templeton Rye, a dash of Peychaud’s Bitters and a touch of white cane sugar reduction, which is then strained into an Absinthe Ordinaire rinsed rocks glass and garnished with fresh lemon peel.
  • Le Boulevardier: first appearing in Harry McElhone’s 1927 bar guide, Barflies and Cocktails. It was the signature drink of Erskine Gwynne, expatriate writer, socialite and nephew of railroad tycoon Alfred Vanderbilt. Quickly stirred; this cocktail is created with Elijah Craig, Torani Amer and Punt e Mes Sweet Vermouth, served up with a swath of fresh orange.
  • The Old Forester Hibiscus Sour: a true “sour” with a modern twist, this cocktail is hand-crafted with fresh pressed lemon juice, house made hibiscus simple syrup and pasteurized egg whites, fortified with Old Forester 86 proof bourbon and finished with a freshly cut slice of orange peel which is then “set aflame” and expressed.
Vodka cocktails from a previous Liquid Chef event. Photo by Vanessa Wolf

Vodka cocktails from a previous Liquid Chef event. Photo by Vanessa Wolf.

If you’re reading all this and thinking “Whoa! Slow your roll there, Makena. Four shots + three cocktails = trouble walking,” have no fear, as the resort also offers a wide array of delectable hearty appetizers to help you soak it all up and stay in line.

Plus nobody will (hopefully) taunt you if you don’t finish the whole thing.

Anyway, although the exact menu is not yet available, the last Liquid Chef event featured such goodies as gourmet cheeses, beef skewers, pumpkin ravioli and stuffed jalapenos.

Offered at $60 per person, plus tax and gratuity, the event starts at 6:30 p.m. in the resort’s Molokini Bar and Grille Seating is limited, and reservations are recommended. Call 808-875-5888 to make yours.

5400 Makena Alanui, Kihei. (808) 874-1111.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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