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Maui Police Seek Information
on Home Burglary

Posted 03:13 PM HST, April 22, 2014
Home burglary graphic by Wendy Osher/ Maui Now.

Home burglary graphic by Wendy Osher/ Maui Now.

By Maui Now Staff

The Maui Police Department is requesting the public’s help as they investigate a home burglary on Friday, April 18, 2014, in which several items were taken.

Police released the following list of items that were reported stolen in the incident:

  • Two 14” men’s gold chains;
  • Men’s silver Worthington High School basketball class ring;
  • Men’s Mosanic brand, platinum and diamond cross ring;
  • Men’s gold wedding band;
  • United States Military officer sword, black scabbard with gold handle;
  • 30 assorted Military Challenge coins;
  • and numerous assorted US silver coins.

Anyone with  information on the stolen items is asked to contact the Maui Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at (808) 244-6425, anytime from Monday to Friday 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or Central Dispatch at 244-6400 for after hours, weekends and holidays.

Police did not provide information on where the home was located.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Forthepeople

    MPD is a bunch of jokes think they are above the law and are just as bad as crooks all they have to do is look in the mirror and there’s the criminals

  • mauidano

    Check those pawn shops. Found my stolen stuff the next day at the one in Kihei. Damn near had to fight the guy to admit that they had it!

  • Alohalady

    A suggestion to pawn and resale shops….ask for identification before you buy..write it down..then IF it is reported stolen you can direct the police..or if they refuse to identify themselves…YOU refuse to buy!

    • Big Mac

      They already do that

    • Pawn Gal

      Pawnshops require id and a thumb print

  • why ????

    I was just wondering, why is MPD asking for assistance for this particular residence? While there’s allot of other residence got ripped off also. Is it because it’s one of their family’s? Or one of our officials in office? Or maybe it’s one of their own law enforcement got ripped off? When me or my neighbors got robbed they never asked for assitance from the public. “Just wondering”…..

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