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September 12, 2016 02:15pm
Orlene Still Too Far Out to Forecast Impacts to Hawaiʻi Weather
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Courtney Brown Island Sotheby's International Realty R(S)
Real Estate Professional in West Maui | Serving Lahaina to Kapalua

"Realtor (S) of the Year, 2014"
- Realtor's Association of Maui.

Born and raised on Maui, Courtney Brown is a graduate of Smith College in Massachusetts. She returned to her island home and began her real estate career in 1997, specializing in the West Maui resort areas of Kapalua, Napili, Kaanapali, Lahaina and Launiupoko. Since then, she has represented buyers and sellers of some of the finest resort, golf course, oceanfront and ocean-view properties across the island of Maui. In the past decade, Courtney has personally sold well over $250 million of real estate, often working with international and mainland US buyers who are dreaming of a second home on Maui. "The relationships I have formed with my clients over the years are some of the most rewarding and important in my life. I enjoy this profession immensely - it allows me to use my knowledge of the island and the nuances of living in various areas and communities to fulfill my clients' wishes."
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Cove Beach Village Victory Realty, LLC Project Broker
Victory Realty, LLC is the Development Broker of Cove Beach Village.

Cove Beach Village is a South Maui three story development with 32 spacious 2 bedroom condominium homes in five building structures that surround a central courtyard with a resort style pool and spa. The upper floors are accessed by elevator or stairs. Some units enjoy views of the Pacific while others have mountain views of Haleakala. Sixty-Seven parking spaces are available for the resident's use.

Energy efficiency and environmental concern will be a primary focus throughout the community.

Photovoltaic paneled carports

Solar pool heating

High efficiency air conditioning

High efficiency water heating

On site storm water retention system.

R-1 recycled water compatible landscape design

Construction BMP including National Pollutant Elimination System compliance, Storm Water Prevention Program and Archaeological Monitoring
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Sharon Robinson Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Branch Manager
Sharon Robinson has been a manager for Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation since 2014. Previously, she worked for Guild Mortgage, Caliber Funding and Central Pacific Bank.

As a manager serving realtors & homeowners in the Maui, Hawaii area, Sharon enjoys assisting customers to obtain the correct financing.

Her success as a manager is supported by her hard work and availability, combined with a passion for explaining the loan process.

Sharon's greatest strengths are her knowledge and availability. Just as important, she enjoys her job, particularly building customer relationships. Also, providing the right loan brings tremendous satisfaction.

She brings 34 years’ experience in the mortgage field to her work as a manager. She has completed numerous courses in CE for MLO license.

NMLS# 310189
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Ciara Quam Quam Properties R(S)
“Let me deliver you to your Piece of Paradise”

Ciara has a great wealth of knowledge about Maui and what it has to Offer…
The Maui lifestyle is what she exudes. Born & Raised on this beautiful island of Maui, she knows it well! Growing up on the West side of Maui in Napili she grew up going to some of the best beaches in the world and eating some of the freshest fish on the island.

Maui has so much to offer! And I love to share its diverse culture and climates with people from all around the world. Maui has such a tight community and we all take pride in caring for the ‘Aina (Land) and Wai (Water) for without those two things maui will not survive. Maui is such a beautiful place we need to Malama the ‘Aina!

Ciara works for Quam Properties Hawaii, INC. as the Lead Real Estate Agent. Her uncle & aunty own Quam Properties Hawaii, INC. it is a family owned and operated company.
Based in Napili we offer over 30 years of experience. Vacation rentals, real estate sales, property management, long-term rentals just to name a few we are here to assist you! Open 7 days a week and a full team to care for all your needs.

Ciara has been selling real estate on Maui for almost 5 years! A 2003 graduate of Lahainaluna High school and college graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Business administration and minor in advertising she is more than qualified for the job. Whether you are looking to sell or buy a piece of paradise here on Maui! I can offer you a near seamless transaction! Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a $5 million dollar oceanfront home or a $150,000 condo in Wailuku I’m happy to help!

She is a happy and proud mother to Kaine Christopher, 5 years old and Kalia Aiyana, 3 years old. I work to provide for my family and to give them all the best opportunities! Chris, her husband of 2 years in love for the past 10 years is also self-employed. He works in the wedding and corporate entertainment business. We truly enjoy being apart of the West Maui community!

Feel free to contact me direct at #808-298-7719 or by email Ciara@quamproperties personal website www.ciaraquam.com and company website www.quamproperties.com

I look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo Nui! It’s always a great day on MAUI.

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Real Estate MauiNow, Ask the Expert: What Are the Benefits of a 1031 Exchange?

Posted February 29, 2016, 01:35 PM HST

Keoni Fursse. Kokua Realty photo.

Keoni Fursse. Kokua Realty photo.

Tax aficionados may be able to spout Internal Revenue code sections and forms, but most of us never get beyond Form 1040. Still, “Section 1031” is slowly making its ways into daily conversation, tossed about by realtors, investors and surfers.

Although some might identify 1031 as the best time for a coffee break, a 1031 exchange (also called a like-kind exchange) is actually a swap of one business or investment asset for another. Although most swaps are taxable as sales, if you come within 1031 guidelines, you’ll either have no tax or limited tax due at the time of the exchange.

In effect, you can change the form of your investment without recognizing a capital gain. That allows your investment to continue to grow tax-deferred. You can roll over the gain from one piece of investment real estate to another and another, creating a snowball affect.

You avoid, or defer, tax until you actually sell the investment for cash years later. This allows the taxpayer to keep the “earning power” of the deferred tax dollars working for him or her. Many buyers are turning their attention to single-tenant, triple-net properties (known as STNL deals) for their replacement asset for the security of an investment-grade asset.

Here are a few reminders:

A 1031 isn’t for personal use. The provision is only for investment and business property, so you can’t swap your primary residence for another home. There are ways you can use a 1031 for swapping vacation homes, but this loophole is much narrower than it used to be.

But wait… some personal property qualifies. It can get confusing. Most 1031 exchanges are of real estate. However, some exchanges of personal property (for example, a painting) can qualify. Interests as a tenant-in-common (sometimes called TICs) in real estate qualify.

“Like-kind” is broad. You can exchange an apartment building for raw land, or a ranch for a strip mall. But there are traps at every turn. The term refers to the nature or character of the property rather than its grade or quality (so real property is not considered like-kind to personal property).

You must designate replacement property. Within 45 days of the sale of your property, you must designate replacement property in writing to the intermediary, specifying the property you want to acquire. You must close on the new property within 180 days of the sale of the old.


If you receive any cash, it’s taxed.

Don’t get tricky, because it has probably been tried before you even thought of it. The IRS knows.

Some have attempted to use a 1031 to swap one vacation home for another. Later, they moved into the new property, made it their primary residence and eventually planned to use the $500,000 capital-gain exclusion. Congress tightened the loophole. Please consult your CPA and legal advisor prior to selling your property so you have all the facts ahead of time.

So is a 1031 exchange a tax-free exchange? Well, courtesy of the IRS website: “Gain deferred in a like-kind exchange under IRC Section 1031 is tax-deferred, but it is not tax-free.”

Taxpayers should be wary of individuals promoting improper use of like-kind exchanges. Typically, they are not tax professionals. Sales pitches may encourage taxpayers to exchange non-qualifying vacation or second homes. Many promoters of like-kind exchanges refer to them as “tax-free” exchanges, not “tax-deferred” exchanges.

Taxpayers may also be advised to claim an exchange despite the fact that they have taken possession of cash proceeds from the sale. These are all red flags and another reason why you should consult with your financial and legal advisor prior to selling your property.

A 1031 tax-deferred exchange is an excellent investment tool for property owners. Investment properties are great additions to any asset portfolio; they can be held to generate income and appreciate in value.

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, contact Keoni Fursse, CCIM, R(PB) and the Kokua Realty LLC investment team at (808) 280-6556.


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