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September 12, 2016 02:15pm
Orlene Still Too Far Out to Forecast Impacts to Hawaiʻi Weather
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You’re Invited to the 1st Maui Chefs Invitational

Posted November 3, 2016, 08:49 AM HST

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Eight chefs. Three days. One place.

The Mill House at Maui Tropical Plantation is hosting its very first, multi-part culinary event this month. The Maui Chefs Invitational kicks off on Friday, Nov. 11 in Waikapū, featuring highly-acclaimed chefs from culinary capitols around the United States.

Prior to the dining events, the invited chefs will spend several days exploring Maui’s farmland and collaborating in the kitchen.

“They’re going to see what Maui lifestyle is like,” explains The Mill House Executive Chef Jeff Scheer, who will be hosting the group.  “They’re going to be looking at local ingredients, and then they’re going to have the ability to play and practice and create; then they’re going to be cooking there live in front of everybody.”

The week will culminate in a series of three events, open to the public from Nov. 11 to 13, providing diners with a chance to experience the essence of these chefs’ creativity.

Here is what the schedule looks like:

Friday, Nov. 11 & Saturday, Nov. 12 — Chefs Table Experience, Multi-Course Menu
5-9 p.m.

A multi-course menu where guests can explore modern tastes and textures prepared by eight highly-acclaimed Chefs from across the country. The open-air kitchen sets the stage for an interactive dinner, as guests are encouraged to get up out of their seats, come to the Chef’s table and watch as each course is realized.

Seating is communal, bringing together enthusiasts of food and drink to interact and share stories.


Tickets for this event are $200 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity. This price does not include beverages. There will be a cocktail hour from 5 to 6 p.m.; dinner will begin at 6 p.m.

Friday and Saturday will showcase differing menu items and ingredients. Ingredients are often selected in the days and hours leading up to the event, so menus will not be published beforehand and special dietary requests cannot be accommodated.

Sunday, Nov. 13 — Chefs Barbecue Celebration with Food, Drink, Music
1-6 p.m.

The Chefs Barbecue Celebration will be held on the lawn of the Maui Tropical Plantation. Guests will graze on dishes created through the collaborative efforts of the participating chefs. Maui Brewing Co. will be pouring cold beer while Hali‘imaile Distilling will be crafting cocktails from fresh local ingredients and Maui distilled spirits. Diners will enjoy an abundance of food with a light-hearted, relaxed vibe.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” says Scheer. “It’s at a really good price point; we’re expecting to get a lot of people here. We’re going to have Marty Dread playing all day, it’s just going to be a really fun, casual food event.”

Tickets for the barbecue are $65 per person, including tax and gratuity. This price does not include beverages.

The hand-picked chefs represent a movement that is shaping the contemporary culinary scene, and are involved in some of the most successful and cutting-edge restaurants.

They include Jeff Scheer from Maui; Gregory Gourdet from Portland, OR; Francis Derby from New York City, NY; Lee Wolen from Chicago, IL; Maya Erickson from San Francisco, CA; Bradley Kilgore from Miami, FL; Sheldon Simeon from Maui; and Lee Anne Wong from O‘ahu.

Event organizers call it “a weekend to engage your senses and indulge in creative cuisine” for diners, and “a collaboration in the spirit of creativity and camaraderie” for the chefs. Visit the Maui Chefs Invitational website to learn more about the chefs, The Mill House and event tickets.

Kiaora Bohlool
Kiaora Bohlool has been a journalist since 1998. With chefs in her family, she has a lifelong appreciation for food...

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