Cyrus Sutton’s “Island Earth” Movie Premiere in Hali’imaile

March 6, 2017, 12:04 PM HST · Updated March 7, 2:55 PM
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Pro surfer turned award-winning director, Cyrus Sutton, recently premiered his latest film Island Earth in Hāliʻimaile. The thirty-four year old from San Diego has spent the last few years documenting the ongoing struggle of Hawaiian communities against GMO experimentation. Island Earth provides a glimpse into the sustainability of our Islands, and the fight to control our food supply.

Makai Glass Gallery in Hali’imaile.

Surfer and Filmmaker, Cyrus Sutton.

In an interview with Surfer Magazine, Cyrus said, “I’ve seen too many documentaries that focus on problems, rather than solutions, and that’s not what I want this film to be. If we want to change the world, we’ve got to change ourselves. Things will only change if we lead the way. Right now, I have the time and energy to explore these solutions, and I want to create a film that can be a tool for organizations focusing on changing how we grow and consume food.”

Inside the gallery space before the movie began.

Art by local glassblowers.


The event took place at the Makai Glass Gallery and brought the community together for a eye opening evening. Now Cyrus is in Australia, making his rounds on the film festival circuit to raise awareness worldwide. All images by Nick Ricca. For more information visit

Cyrus and Maui’s Francisco Porcella.

Nick Ricca
Nick is a surf photographer, filmmaker, and writer from Maui. He is a contributor to Freesurf Magazine.


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