NNW Swell Holds into Saturday Morning for Maui

March 18, 2017, 1:02 AM HST · Updated March 17, 5:34 PM
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**Click directly on the images below to make them larger. Charts include: Maui County projected winds, tides, swell direction & period and expected wave heights.**



    Maui Surf Forecast


    North: Surf heights are expected to be waist/head high today. The best breaks could be up to slightly overhead or more on the sets.

    West: Surf is pretty flat today along most westerly exposures. Spots catching the west-northwest will be bigger.

    South: Surf is pretty flat today along southern exposures.

    Our current north-northwest swell will hold into Saturday morning. A larger west-northwest is lining up for the 19th through the 23rd, peaking Monday before easing some Tuesday. A reinforcement is also possible Wednesday and Thursday.

    Small south-southwest continues to fade. We may see some better swell near the end of the month.

    Keep in mind, surf heights are measured on the face of the wave from trough to crest. Heights vary from beach to beach, and at the same beach, from break to break.  

    **Click here for your detailed Maui County weather report.**

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    Image: NOAA

    Meteorologist Malika Dudley
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