VOTE: Francisco Porcella’s GoPro of the World Clip

March 18, 2017, 12:03 PM HST · Updated March 21, 4:04 PM
Nick Ricca · 5 Comments

Who knew one could drop in at Maverick’s, slip and almost fall, then end up making the wave sitting down? Francisco Porcella did just that on Feb. 6, and managed to get the clip as well. With a GoPro mounted to his board, he captured one of the funniest moments in big wave surfing. In an interview with Surfline, Francisco said, “It went from the most dramatic drop to the funniest moment. I was going down the face and everyone in the channel was just hooting. Of course, I wish I stuck it on my feet, but at the same time it was kinda something different.


Now that clip is in the running for GoPro of the World, a contest hosted by Surfline. With $25,000 up for grabs and the contest ending this week, now is the time to vote. To vote and see more information, click here.



Nick Ricca
Nick is a surf photographer, filmmaker, and writer from Maui. He is a contributor to Freesurf Magazine.

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