Ask the Mayor: What Can Be Done About Homeless ‘Invasion’

December 4, 2017, 3:01 PM HST · Updated December 4, 3:01 PM

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the questions submitted to his staff.

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Happy Holidays Mr. Mayor,


Q: I kindly ask your help in dealing with the homeless invasion we have been experiencing at the Salvation Army, Kahului Pool and Kahului Union Church area.

I do know that they need a place to stay and I do have compassion for them. There have been a few that have been there awhile and never bothered anyone but the camp has increased in size to the point where they block the sidewalk, and shopping wagons are lined up and even block the road.

I wish I could distinguish the ones that are under control but we have been experiencing individuals with issues. We have been experiencing those who definitely have mental problems. We listen to a couple fight to the point where he is abusing her. We listen at night when they climb the swimming pool fence and cause a ruckus. We have been experiencing the use of inexcusable language being screamed where it embarrassed my family when visitors were intimidated and had to be escorted to their cars.


I haven’t complained about this for several years and I have had no problems about it until recently.

Like I said, the new increases have become a problem for our neighborhood. With upcoming increase of children during the next month, please help us keep it safe. Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

A: I am glad to provide an update from the Maui County Department of Housing and Human Services regarding this area.

A cleanup was conducted last week with the help of our Homeless Program staff, Maui Community Police Officers and a nonprofit that assists with this type of cleanup as well as with refuse removal.

A followup site visit was conducted the next day to check for any residual issues.

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