Maui Team Tennis Serves Up All-Inclusive Play

March 13, 2018, 1:23 PM HST · Updated March 13, 1:23 PM

Maui Team Tennis is now taking registration for its Spring league, which starts later this month. Maui Team Tennis, which is entirely run by the local non-profit charitable foundation, Kokku, is the only league on Maui that allows all levels of play, both men and women, to play in a team tennis format.


    At the end of each season, Kokku presents funds to a local recipient at the league final party. Recipients can either be an organization in need or an individual who has experienced unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, medical bills or other situation requiring assistance.

    Last season, Maui Team Tennis presented $500 to Kahului Elementary School to assist in recovery from the arson that damaged several buildings on campus in November of last year. The league also presented $200 to Wailuku junior tennis.

    Organizers say the league is more than just a sports event, but a movement designed to recirculate funds in the Maui community via Kokku, Inc.


    The league involves approximately eight weeks of team tennis play. Each season also features a fun game night with food and beverages, a nutritional symposium, a business networking event for members to share with each other what they do for a living and group lessons.

    A special division in the league called the Kumu Division is for total beginners. “Even if you’ve never played before, the Kumu Division allows you to be a part of a team in a social atmosphere while you are learning the game in a no pressure environment.”

    The Kumu players get points for their team just by showing up and playing a set against another Kumu beginner. “The scores don’t count for Kumus, just the points they get for participating. You even get some team member mentors who help you learn the game. So it’s a great way for someone who has either wanted to learn the game, or for someone who wants to be part of an athletic social event to get out there,” organizers said.


    There’s also spots available in the league for “Wildcard” players, which are designed for visitors to the island who want to catch a game or play a couple of matches in a competitive league setting for the short time they are here.

    Players can sign up as either regular league players or permanent subs (requires you to be a local resident), or a Wildcard visitor player for up to two matches on any team.

    The cost is $48 per season.

    “We’re very proud of our league not only for the philanthropical aspect for our local Maui community, but also for the positive energy it puts out there on many levels. It is designed to be all-inclusive, positive and tolerant of all walks of life. We feel it is a great platform that is reflective of the Aloha Spirit,” according to leaders with Maui Team Tennis.

    Maui Team Tennis

    Maui Team Tennis

    Maui Team Tennis

    Maui Team Tennis

    Maui Team Tennis

    Maui Team Tennis



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