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Ky-mani Marley Apologizes for No Show on Maui

International reggae artist Ky-mani Marley posted a six minute video this morning apologizing for a no-show at last night’s Bob Bash at the Lahaina Civic Center, saying he was “misled” by an associate about payment.

Ky-mani Marley, who is the son of legendary music icon Bob Marley, had come off of two shows in Hawaiʻi in Kona and Honolulu, and was scheduled to perform last night as the headliner of a concert on Maui that also featured other island bands throughout the day.

“Unfortunately, I was misled to believe that I was not paid by the promoter by Mr. Victor Lewis here who received the deposit but told me otherwise.  So, I was here in maui under the impression that I was not paid and therefore I did’nt show up to the show. unfortunately that was not the situation and that did’nt come to light to me until fter the show.”

Lewis, who appeared in the video began by saying, “we did receive,” but was corrected by Marley who said, “Not we.”  Lewis continued saying, “I did receive the amount that was to cover the cost of Ky-mani perform and…”  Marley interjected again saying, “told me that you didn’t.”  Lewis continued saying, “and I told him that I didn’t.  And it’s my fault why this whole situation happened. There’s no excuses for the circumstance that we’re in, and I do apologize.”

*The video link from Ky-Mani Marley’s Facebook account is posted below:

Ky-Mani Marley Official Maui Statement. [1]

Ky-Mani Marley Official Maui Statement.

Posted by Ky-Mani Marley [2] on Sunday, February 10, 2019