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October 05, 2015 01:43pm
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November 27, 2015

Maui Bicycling League to Hold Sentencing Hearing Ride

The purpose of the ride is to advocate for justice in the sentencing of Michael Cattaneo, a driver charged with first-degree negligent homicide in the death of 61-year-old cyclist Karl Hagen.
November 26, 2015

Paddle for Hunger Raises $4,300 for Maui Food Bank

The event is described today as a "for-fun, anything that floats, jungle rules race," where everyone is a winner, including the Maui Food Bank.
November 26, 2015

Post-Turkey Shopping at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center

Planning a post-turkey outing? Several stores will be open today during Thanksgiving, on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015, at Queen Ka'ahumanu Center.
November 26, 2015

Lei for Paris Complete, Blessing Held

Organizers for the Lei for Paris project completed a mile long lei on Tuesday afternoon following four days of weaving conducted by volunteers. A blessing ceremony was planned for Wednesday, and the lei will be shipped to Paris as a symbol of aloha, kindness and love. [sideshow] A small delegation of emerging youth leaders who... Read more »
November 26, 2015

42nd Annual Nā Mele O Maui 2015 Results

Kamehameha Schools Maui ʻŌpio Division (Grades 9-12) took top honors at the 42nd Annual Nā Mele O Maui Song Competition held on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015, at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

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November 27, 2015

Hawaii Hires Rolovich to Coach Warriors’ Football

University of Hawaii has hired Nick Rolovich, a former quarterback for the Warriors, as its new head football coach, the school announced today.
November 26, 2015

Kansas Wins Maui Invitational With Strong Second-half Rally

The Kansas Jayhawks battled back from a first-half deficit to defeat Vanderbilt and win the 2015 Maui Jim Maui Invitational, 70-63. It was the Jayhawks' second title all-time, having won the championship in 1996.
November 25, 2015

Kansas, Vanderbilt Easily Advance to MIT Championship

The No. 5 Kansas Jayhawks jumped out to a 29-point lead in the first half and then put the offense on cruise control in the second half en route to a 92-73 win over UCLA. The Jayhawks (3-1) were led by senior Perry Ellis who shot 9-for-12 from the floor and totaled 24 points to go along with a team-high six rebounds.
November 24, 2015

UCLA Enjoys Stellar Shooting Over UNLV, Face Kansas Next

Talk about clutch shooting. The near flawless free-throw shooting of UCLA, connecting on a mind-boggling 23 of 24 at the line, proved to be the difference against UNLV, as the Bruins beat the Rebels 77-75 in the nightcap of Monday’s opening-round action of the Maui Jim Maui Invitational at Lahaina Civic Center.
November 23, 2015

Host Chaminade Plays No. 4 Kansas in MIT Opener Today

Three intense days of college basketball begins today at the Lahaina Civic Center, as host Chaminade University plays No. 4 Kansas in the third game of the 2015 Maui Jim Maui Invitational Tournament, beginning at 4 p.m. on ESPNU television and ESPN 550 AM radio.


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November 21, 2015

Wet Weekend Weather, Possible Heavy Rain

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Latest Comments

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  • Re: Pastor and Maui Settle 1st Amendment Lawsuit, County RespondsPosted by Maui Troll on 11/27/2015 7:27am

    In God We Trust! You can take that to the bank!

  • Re: Pastor and Maui Settle 1st Amendment Lawsuit, County RespondsPosted by Maui Troll on 11/27/2015 7:22am

    Nice to see the ACLU protecting our right to free speech. Sharing the Love of Christ is not a crime! Live Aloha! Be Pono!

  • Re: Maui Bicycling League to Hold Sentencing Hearing RidePosted by Maui Troll on 11/27/2015 7:16am

    Judge Bissen, I sincerely hope you give the driver the maximum sentence for his reckless disregard for human life.

  • Re: Maui Bicycling League to Hold Sentencing Hearing RidePosted by Maui Troll on 11/27/2015 7:15am

    I agree. It is time to send a message that driving under the influence will not be tolerated. I would ride my bike more often if I felt safe on the highways.

  • Re: Maui Bicycling League to Hold Sentencing Hearing RidePosted by treewise on 11/27/2015 6:25am

    Buses only give you about one inch. It is suicide to ride on S. Kihei Rd. or Piilani. Bike lanes narrow into nothing as you cross bridges. Motorists are drunk, stoned, or homicidal. Kihei is super dangerous for bike riders.

  • Re: Victorino Urges Competitive Interisland AirfaresPosted by NoBid on 11/27/2015 4:10am

    Here's an idea......How about interisland ferry service?

  • Re: Matson to File Rate Increases for 2016Posted by commenter#37 on 11/27/2015 2:32am

    Got to pay for all those union employees. Fuel prices lowest in years, yet their operating costs go up?

  • Re: Paddle for Hunger Raises $4,300 for Maui Food BankPosted by Iwa on 11/26/2015 2:35pm

    Great job guys! Now just put that money to good use to help struggling families and individuals that have fallen on hard times. STOP HANDING OUT FREE MEALS TO ALL THE LAZY DRUNK BUMS. You are just compounding the homeless problem, when you feed the lazy. Plus think about how many extra families you could help, by not just throwing away those funds towards lazy bums

  • Re: Waiʻale Project Surfaces for Review by Maui Planning CommissionPosted by commenter#37 on 11/26/2015 3:32am

    Where is the water going to come from?

  • Re: Matson to File Rate Increases for 2016Posted by TSL on 11/26/2015 3:30am

    Application denied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re: Old Haleakalā Highway, S-Bound Closure for Pedestrian SafetyPosted by Linda Stevens on 11/26/2015 2:16am

    If you live or have visited Maui, please e-mail me at linda1948cny@yahoo.com & tell me what books I should buy so I can find out all about Maui before I get there. I might be moving there permanently. I'm not interested in what sites to visit or sports to do there. I will be 70 when I move there; I just want a nice climate & not too much rain. If you have an old yellow pages phone directory you would mail to me, let me know how much to send you for postage which I will send after I receive the phone book.

  • Re: Eight New Cases: Dengue Fever Count Rises to 101Posted by Stand Alone on 11/25/2015 2:06pm

    No more big island flights to maui!!!!!!!
    Start now and isolate and confine the problem and prevent the spread. Bizzzzzzzzzz-zzit.....

  • Re: Matson to File Rate Increases for 2016Posted by James on 11/25/2015 12:32pm

    It was very obvious that rates were going up this year. They caused a major spill in Oahu and had to pay a ton in fines. Someone has to pay that fine and it sure as hell ain't those folks, so it's all on us!?!?

  • Re: Wailuku Man Dies in Stabbing Incident, Arrest MadePosted by $X$Whipster on 11/25/2015 12:06pm

    What is she doing there? She's not from there. How'd she even get to Maui?

  • Re: Matson to File Rate Increases for 2016Posted by Stand Alone on 11/25/2015 8:48am

    Time to invite another shipping into the picture.

  • Re: Ask the Mayor: What is the County Doing About Kanaha’s Campers?Posted by John Sundance on 11/25/2015 7:39am

    Bad government and reporting keeps lumping the criminals drug users and mentally ill with the truly homeless because there is no such as affordable housing on Maui. According to the the Meth Project Half a billion dollars of the state deficit is spent on meth addicts. Why are Concerns over weather other states are giving one way tickets when there 10 million people on disability that can get immediate benefits without waiting is what Victorino says. Beyond communism when nonprofits like Kokua mental Health can bring in main land drug addicts give them what 800 a month food stamps, medical and housing destroy the commercial property we spent millions to develop and now the government is allowing the parks to become criminal bum camps? Drug addition is epidemic what is the next level? World War Z?

  • Re: Matson to File Rate Increases for 2016Posted by leibwss on 11/25/2015 7:14am

    With Hawaii's abysmal business climate, we are now served by monopolies. Hawaiian Air owns most of the inter island transportation, Saltchuk Resources owns inter island cargo (Aloha Air Cargo/Young Brothers) and Matson controls sea freight.....with help from the Jones Act. (Our entire congressional delegation supports the Jones Act/unions). With one company you have a monopoly, with 2 price fixing/collusion, with 3, competition. Oh, there never will be an environmental impact statement required for Matson's new ships, like which sunk the Superferry (competition)...the power of monopolies.

  • Re: Hawaiʻi Bamboo Architect Featured at International ConferencesPosted by John Sundance on 11/25/2015 6:23am

    Maui has the dumbest people in the world when it comes to architecture. We have the worst termite infestation dry rot wood bee damage in the world! Damage is in the billions every year. The Stone they ship 20 barges a month to Oahu every month can be just as beautiful and not have to be a material that goes to the dump almost as fast as you build. Plantation style is the stupidest way to build in this climate.

  • Re: Matson to File Rate Increases for 2016Posted by frommaui on 11/25/2015 6:14am

    didn't they state they made mega profits for last quarter? Don't believe the rhetoric. It is for pay increases. 6 figures so sometimes polite service. Lots of poor customer service down there

  • Re: County Council Chair: ‘Let’s Evaluate a Move Away From Cronyism’Posted by same ol' bull on 11/25/2015 4:01am

    Mike white= Same ol ' SH$$T!

  • Re: Testimony on Olowalu Town Project Final EIS ContinuesPosted by same ol' bull on 11/25/2015 3:24am

    Yes keep on building!! Olowalu would be a perfect place for a new Kmart or Walmart or a Walgreen. Please make the cost of homes at least $350k to $550k So its fordable to everyone. And please tare down that nasty{OLOWALU STORE)! We don't need any of that nasty local food! Just potatoes, pastas, and veggies! And please make all surrounding access to the beaches blocked off so know one can enjoy the beaches . Yup this is what i want for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re: Pastor and Maui Settle 1st Amendment Lawsuit, County RespondsPosted by TSL on 11/25/2015 2:33am

    All based on a black book!?Oh well at least the court is using the constitution!

  • Re: “Wailea Wonderland” Starts on Black FridayPosted by Stand Alone on 11/24/2015 11:33pm

    Hey, Santa don't forget your pocket book! Cause you and your alfs is going to Mr scrooge place.....
    Or it might be a fly by to no pay for parking. LOL....
    The shops of Wailea owners will use the giving holiday to feed their greed..... so, shameful. ....

  • Re: Waiʻale Project Surfaces for Review by Maui Planning CommissionPosted by Stand Alone on 11/24/2015 11:19pm

    Make it even...... split it down the middle 475 homes for affordable price under $300 k and 475 homes for market price.
    Or better, 725 of the homes for affordable prices and the remainder 225 homes can sell for market price. That's what you call " appreciation " the appreciation to be aloud to build here for profits and to be aloud to have you water meters while others still waiting for theirs for years. ......

    And to all who said that the lands won't be rezoning in the near future, ( SURPRISE I TOLD YOU SO)!!!!! So, now ((( OPEN YOUR EYES FOOLS )))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Watch out low line central areas!!!! "Kahului " Cause there will be alot more S#!T water coming your way to a facility that barely can handle all the poops now..... I can smell it coming just around the corner. ......
    Wea de Goin get da Wata from?

    When the drought season comes it'll be more worse!!!!!!

  • Re: Waiʻale Project Surfaces for Review by Maui Planning CommissionPosted by David Williams on 11/24/2015 10:43pm

    Building 950 homes to receive just 225 "affordable" homes does not provide a good return. Face it, Maui is already overcrowded. NOTHING more should be built without a plan and guarantee that it will not increase the population of Maui.

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