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November 30, 2010

Hula Dancing for Fun and Fitness

Originally created for ceremonies and rituals on the islands, hula dancing has become known as the heart and soul of Hawaii in motion. This traditional dance is beautiful to watch, but it is also fun to try, as many who have been pulled out of the crowd at a luau have found. The hula is... Read more »
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November 05, 2010

Cook Hawaiian Style and Build Your Own Imu

At a luau, the kalua pig is the main event.  “Kalua” refers to the cooking process of using an earthen oven, or “imu”, which is really just a large underground steam cooker.  Traditionally ti and banana leaf-covered breadfruit, sweet potatoes, bananas, taro, and other vegetables accompany the pig. Preparations begin early as cooks dig a... Read more »
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November 02, 2010

Aloha Sweet Potatoes – A Luau Celebration Staple

Sweet potatoes have been a staple at luau celebrations since the first one was held in the 1800’s.  This starchy vegetable originated in South America and spread through Polynesia, Hawaii and New Zealand via early Polynesians who are thought to have traveled to South America and back.  Archeologists believe it is also possible that South... Read more »
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November 01, 2010

Foods Inspired by The Luau

The sweet smell of orchid tickles your nose as you feel the rhythm of the drums in your chest.  You bow your head to accept your lei and follow the intense thumping to a large clearing, finding your place among the floor mats and towering constructions of native flowers and ferns.  The savory smell of... Read more »
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