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Photo courtesy Lyle Krannichfeld. For more of Lyle’s photography, visit: www.krannichfeld.com
North Swell Fading, Waist and Chest High Surf Expected
October 22nd, 2014 · Comments Off · Comments Via Facebook (0) · Maui Surf

The current north swell is fading and mixing with a shorter-period northwest swell. We expect surf heights in the waist to chest high range. Another NNW swell is on its heels expected to begin building through the day on Thursday.

Payce Duryea, 13, of Pāʻia enjoyed the waves at his favorite spot Tavares Bay on Wednesday. More ideal conditions are expected on the north shore this weekend through Sunday with another swell expected to arrive early next week Monday. Photo by Riley Yap.
8-10 Foot Waves Projected for North Shore Surfers, Some Wrap
December 12th, 2013 · Comments Off · Comments Via Facebook (0) · Maui Surf

As the weekend approaches, another north-northwest swell is anticipated to provide the winter shores with more reinforcements in hopes of keeping the active surf well overhead.

Hookipa. Photo by Madeline Ziecker.
Heavy Wave Activity Expected for Weekend Surfers
December 6th, 2013 · 1 Comment · Comments Via Facebook (0) · Maui Surf

Winter shores will soon begin to feel the ocean mist due to heavy-wave activity as the weekend gets underway with rising north swells that could offer double-overhead sets.