Primary Election FINAL 2010 Results

September 18, 2010, 7:41 PM HST · Updated September 19, 11:37 AM

By Wendy Osher (Click on story and Scroll down to see results)

(Update: 7:23 a.m. 9/19/10)

The Final Summary Report for the 2010 primary election was released shortly before 7:30 this morning.  In the Mayor’s race it will be a rematch between current Mayor Charmaine Tavares and former Mayor Alan Arakawa.  Tavares had 7,307 votes—268 more than Arakawa who garnered 7,039.  Randy Piltz was in third with more than 1400 votes separating him from the top two vote-getters. 
In West Maui, Elle Cochran and Alan Fukuyama advance with 7,980  (27.7%) and 5,693 (19.8%) of the vote respectively.  In South Maui, challenger Don Couch managed to top the tally with 11,524 votes versus the 10,686 votes from the incumbent Wayne Nishiki.  Both advance to the general election in November.  In the Makawao-Haiku-Paia race, it’s Mike White and Kai Nishiki on top with 10,150 votes for White and 6,805 for Nishiki. 

Click for full image. Former Mayor Alan Arakawa (right) being interviewed by Alakai Paleka (middle) along with students of UHMC. Photo by Wendy Osher.

Click for full image. Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares (left) reviews results on the set of the UHMC election results broadcast. Photo by Wendy Osher.

Click for full image. Mayoral candidate Randy Piltz waits to be interviewed after the 2nd Summary report is released. Photo by Wendy Osher.

State Rep. Joe Souki wins his Democratic primary race. He meets up with challenger Dean Schmucker in the General. Photo by Wendy Osher.

In the contested Democratic race for District 8, incumbent Joe Souki advances with 53.2% of his party vote, defeating his challengers Kama, Cerizo and Hughey.  Souki faces Dean Schmucker in November. 
In the uncontested District 9 race, incumbent Democrat Gil Keith-Agaran with 3,176 votes will face Republican Jeff Hoylman with 333 votes.
In District 10, Ramon Madden garnered 408 votes, defeating Chayne Marten with 199 for the Republican nomination. Madden will face incumbent Democrat Angus Mckelvey in the general. 
District 11 House Rep. Joe Bertram III holds on to the Democratic nomination defeating Netra Halperin and Johanna Amorin with an overwhelming 44 percent of the vote.  Bertram faces uncontested Republican George Fontaine who garnered 713 votes. 
District 12 Republican Laurie Rinaldi defeats Ray Bashkingy with nearly 60% of the party vote.  Rinaldi faces incumbent Democrat Kyle Yamashita who was uncontested in the primary. 
With all precincts reporting in the District 13 House Race, Mele Carroll had a total of 3,049 democratic votes compared to republican challenger Meiling Akuna with 371.  Both meet up again in November.
In Maui’s lone senate race, incumbent democrat Shan Tsutusi takes 7,483 votes, and faces republican challenger Eric Seibert who garnered 777 party votes.
With all 242 precincts across the state it will be Neil Abercrombie taking the Democratic gubernatorial nomination with 59% of the party vote or 136,321 votes compared to the 37 percent from Hannemann who had 86,676 votes.  Abercrombie will face Duke Aiona in the General Election on November 2nd. 

(Updated: 7:23 a.m. 9/19/10–FINAL Summary Report)

Mayor County of Maui 40 of 40
ARAKAWA, Alan M.703925.4%
CHOW-HAMMOND, Sally D.1340.5%
HART, Chris303510.5%
HODGES, Marc H.17616.1%
KAHO’OHALAHALA, Sol P.291210.1%
KOPELMAN, Ori1100.4%
MILBOURN, Peter A.600.2%
MILLER, Harold420.1%
OLSON, Jonathon A.780.3%
PILTZ, Randy560219.4%
TAVARES, Charmaine730725.4%
Blank Votes7342.5%
Over Votes40.0%


Councilmember (West Maui) 40 of 40
CAMPOS, Su12974.5%
CLUTE, Eve9443.3%
COCHRAN, Elle798027.7%
FUKUYAMA, Alan569319.8%
KALUA, Zeke27739.6%
KAPU, Ke’eaumoku20567.1%
LAUB, Paul26419.2%
Blank Votes542418.8%
Over Votes100.0%


Councilmember (South Maui) 40 of 40
COUCH, Don1152440.0%
NISHIKI, Wayne K.1068637.1%
VARES, Norman297910.3%
Blank Votes362612.6%
Over Votes30.0%


Councilmember (Makawao-Haiku-Paia) 40 of 40
COCHRAN, Mary Ribucan418514.5%
NISHIKI, Kai680523.6%
NOMURA, Leona Bak418214.5%
WHITE, Mike1015035.2%
Blank Votes348512.1%
Over Votes110.0%


State Senate, Dist 4 – D 13 of 13
TSUTSUI, Shan748379.3%
Blank Votes193220.5%
Over Votes170.2%


State Senate, Dist 4 – R 13 of 13
SEIBERT, Eric77762.3%
Blank Votes46937.6%
Over Votes10.1%


State Representative, Dist 8 – D 7 of 7
CERIZO, Thomas4769.5%
HUGHEY, Justin3046.1%
KAMA, Tasha129325.8%
SOUKI, Joe266453.2%
Blank Votes2635.2%
Over Votes100.2%


State Representative, Dist 8 – R 7 of 7
SCHMUCKER, Dean44461.2%
Blank Votes28138.7%
Over Votes10.1%


State Representative, Dist 9 – D 6 of 6
KEITH-AGARAN, Gil S. Coloma317671.8%
Blank Votes123828.0%
Over Votes80.2%


State Representative, Dist 9 – R 6 of 6
HOYLMAN, Jeff33363.9%
Blank Votes18836.1%
Over Votes00.0%


State Representative, Dist 10 – D 6 of 6
MCKELVEY, Angus L.K.175778.1%
Blank Votes49021.8%
Over Votes40.2%


State Representative, Dist 10 – R 6 of 6
MADDEN, Ramon Kitaichi40858.0%
MARTEN, Chayne M.19928.3%
Blank Votes9313.2%
Over Votes30.4%


State Representative, Dist 11 – D 4 of 4
AMORIN, Johanna K.50518.3%
BERTRAM, Joseph III121444.0%
HALPERIN, Netra77428.1%
Blank Votes2579.3%
Over Votes70.3%


State Representative, Dist 11 – R 4 of 4
FONTAINE, George71378.7%
Blank Votes19321.3%
Over Votes00.0%


State Representative, Dist 12 – D 6 of 6
YAMASHITA, Kyle395073.7%
Blank Votes139826.1%
Over Votes80.1%


State Representative, Dist 12 – R 6 of 6
BASHKINGY, Ray10811.2%
RINALDI, Laurie57959.9%
Blank Votes27928.9%
Over Votes10.1%


State Representative, Dist 13 – D 11 of 11
CARROLL, Mele304975.3%
Blank Votes99824.6%
Over Votes40.1%


State Representative, Dist 13 – R 11 of 11
AKUNA, Meiling K.37162.8%
Blank Votes22037.1%
Over Votes20.3%


2nd Departmental School Board Seat (Maui) 40 of 40
HART, R. Ray513,15315.4%
ROCHA-WILSON, Leona24,47328.6%
WURST, Barry41804.9%
Blank Votes43,70251.1%
Over Votes140.0%


Governor – Democrat 242 of 242 Statewide
ABERCROMBIE, Neil136,32159.4%
HANNEMANN, Mufi86,67637.8%
REYES, Arturo P. (Art)12860.6%
SHIRATORI, Miles9820.4%
TANABE, Van K.12710.6%
Blank Votes27931.2%
Over Votes1980.1%


Governor – Free Energy Party 242 of 242 Statewide
CUNNINGHAM, Daniel H.12670.0%
Blank Votes5430.0%
Over Votes00.0%


Governor – Nonpartisan (statewide) 242 of 242
CLAPES, Tony927.2%
MANNER, Paul18614.5%
POLLARD, Thomas (Tom)26120.4%
Blank Votes73957.8%
Over Votes10.1%


Governor – Republican (statewide) 242 of 242
AIONA, Duke40,79893.1%
CARROLL, John S.2,0044.6%
Blank Votes9612.2%
Over Votes470.1%


Lieutenant Governor – Democrat (statewide) 242 of 242
BERG, Lyla B.19,4138.5%
BUNDA, Robert (Bobby)44,15619.2%
HIRAKAMI, Steve2,6201.1%
HOOSER, Gary L.22,4119.8%
KARAMATSUI, Jon Riki6,4292.8%
SAKAMOTO, Norman42,12618.4%
SCHATZ, Brian79,63534.7%
Blank Votes12,5125.5%
Over Votes2250.1%


Lieutenant Governor – Free Energy (statewide) 242 of 242
SPENCE, Deborah (Jo B)10558.3%
Blank Votes7541.7%
Over Votes00.0%


Lieutenant Governor – Non Partisan (statewide) 242 of 242
KAMA, Leonard Leo I45735.8%
Blank Votes82164.2%
Over Votes00.0%


Lieutenant Governor – Republican (statewide) 242 of 242
FINNEGAN, Lynn Berbano26,03459.4%
KING, Adrienne S.11,81527.0%
Blank Votes5,92213.5%
Over Votes390.1%


US Senator – Libertarian (statewide) 242 of 242
MALLAN, Lloyd Jeffrey24376.9%
Blank Votes7323.1%
Over Votes00.0%


US Senator – Green (statewide) 242 of 242
BREWER, Jim27682.1%
Blank Votes6017.9%
Over Votes00.0%


US Senator – Democrat (statewide) 242 of 242
INOUYE, Daniel K.190,23182.9%
WOERNER, Andrew D. (Andy)25,28211.0%
Blank Votes13,8326.0%
Over Votes1910.1%


US Senator – Nonpartisan (statewide) 242 of 242
JARRETT, Jeff49538.7%
Blank Votes78361.3%
Over Votes00.0%


US Senator – Republican (statewide) 242 of 242
CAVASSO, Cam22,09950.4%
PIRKOWSKI, Eddie37808.6%
ROCO, John726316.6%
Blank Votes1063024.3%
Over Votes410.1%


US Representative Dist 2 – Libertarian (statewide) 144 of 144
BROCK, Pat14570.4%
Blank Votes6129.6%
Over Votes00.0%


US Representative Dist 2 – Democrat (statewide) 144 of 144
HIRONO, Mazie87,00175.8%
Blank Votes27,78524.2%
Over Votes570.0%


US Representative Dist 2 – Nonpartisan (statewide) 144 of 144
VON SONN, Andrew Vsevolod31240.1%
Blank Votes46659.9%
Over Votes00.0%


US Representative Dist 2 – Republican (statewide) 144 of 144
GIMBERNAT, Antonio11475.2%
WHARTON, Ramsay Puanani763934.7%
WILLOUGHBY, John W.787435.7%
Blank Votes535624.3%
Over Votes240.1%


Primary Registration and Turnout  (from 3rd summary report–no final summary avail)
Total Registration84386
Total Turnout2883934.2%
Precinct Turnout1795021.3%
_____Libertarian Party (L)310.0%
_____Green Party (G)400.0%
_____Democratic Party (D)1469717.4%
_____Free Energy Party (F)280.0%
_____Nonpartisan Ballot (N)1220.1%
_____Republican Party ( R)28723.4%
_____Special Only1530.2%
_____Multi Party Voting70.0%
Absentee Turnout1088912.9%
_____Libertarian Party (L)100.0%
_____Green Party (G)160.0%
_____Democratic Party (D)915010.8%
_____Free Energy Party (F)80.0%
_____Nonpartisan Ballot (N)720.1%
_____Republican Party ( R)15441.8%
_____Special Only750.1%
_____Multi Party Voting140.0%


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