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Medical Marijuana Compassion Center Bill Still Alive

By Wendy Osher

Marijuana file image courtesy MPD.

State lawmakers are considering a Medical Marijuana bill that seeks the establishment of a compassion center or dispensary for patients. The measure would create a five-year pilot program for the dispensary in an unspecified county.

The item is the only medical marijuana bill still alive in the state legislature.  It was among a list of marijuana bills publicly opposed by the Maui Police Department.

Under the measure, qualified patients would be able to access medical marijuana through the specified compassion center.  The bill would prohibit anyone with a felony drug conviction or a felony conviction within 10 years from retaining or renewing a license.

The measure limits the facility to carrying seven marijuana plants and six ounces of usable marijuana per compassion center, per qualifying patient, per 14 day period.

In 2000, Act 228 was singed into law, making Hawaii one of the first states to permit the medical use of marijuana by registered patients.

SB1458 SD2 HD2 has been forwarded to the House Finance Committee for further review.