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Upcountry Maui Watershed Included in Funding Release


Upcountry, Maui water storage. File photo by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

A $1.4 million funding appropriation has been released for the installation of a new pipeline system at the Upcountry Maui Watershed.

Work on the Upcountry Maui Watershed includes the installation of 10 miles of high-density main distribution pipeline; more than 15 miles of lateral and sublateral pipelines; and pressure regulating devices, manholes and siphons on the upper slope of Kula.

Governor Neil Abercrombie announced the release of funds as part of a larger $8.1 million release for Capital Improvement Projects that protect and manage Hawai’i’s watershed and water resources.

“These CIP funds support my administration’s commitment to being responsible stewards of the environment, while also furthering the creation of local jobs as part of a sustainable economy,” said Gov. Abercrombie.

Other projects identified as priority items by the state Legislature and included in the funding release were:

The Governor also released an additional $250,000 for a grant to Papakolea Community Development Corporation.  The grant will be used toward installation of photovoltaic panels and other energy efficient projects for the Papakolea Community Park and Full Service Center.

The nonprofit organization fosters a sustainable community in the Hawaiian homestead of Papakolea on Hawai’i Island.

***Supporting information courtesy State of Hawai’i, Office of the Governor.