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Maui Fireworks: 3 Public Shows Planned on New Year’s


File photo by Wendy Osher.

By Wendy Osher

There will be three public fireworks displays in Maui County to ring in the New Year, each beginning at midnight at the following locations: in Hana below Fagan’s Cross; in Kihei on a barge offshore fronting the Grand Wailea Hotel; and on Lanai at the Manele Bay Hotel.

While fireworks sales will occur in Maui County, fire officials are discouraging their use.  “The best way to stay safe is not to use fireworks at all.  Consider leaving fireworks to the professionals,” said Maui Fire Captain Paul Haake with the Fire Prevention Bureau.

“Because this past year has been very dry, the threat of wildfires is a major concern,” said Capt. Haake.  “When using fireworks, please follow the safety tips provided, use common sense, be sure all children are supervised, and watch out for each other.  Hopefully, we can all have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s celebration and continue to celebrate every new year with fireworks.”

Fireworks sales in Maui County begin on December 26, in anticipation of the New Year holiday.

Stores in Maui County participating in the sale of permit-required firecrackers are: all Foodland stores (including Lahaina Farms and Sack N Save in Wailuku), all Times supermarkets, Napili Market, the Golden Dragon tent at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center, Pine Isle Market on Lanai, and Misaki’s and Take’s Variety stores on Molokai.

Fireworks permits are required for the purchase of firecracker-type fireworks, and each permit is good for up to 5,000 firecrackers.  Permit applicants must be 18 years or older and show proof of age at the time of permit processing.  Permits are available at the following locations:

There is no limit on the number of permits a person may purchase, and the cost per permit is $25.  Novelty fireworks such as sparklers, snakes, fountains, and cylindrical or cone fountains which emit effects not higher than 12-feet off the ground, do not require permits.

The following rules in relation to fireworks use are in effect:

Other general prohibitions in effect for fireworks use include the following:

Some safety tips that have been released by the Maui County Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau include the following:

More information on obtaining a fireworks permit and rules and regulations surrounding their use can be found by calling the Maui Fire Prevention Bureau directly at (808) 244-9161; or by visiting the County of Maui website at co.maui.hi.us for specific fireworks rules contained within the web pages of the Department of Fire and Public Safety.