Maui Police Promote 3 to Lieutenant

February 26, 2014, 1:48 PM HST · Updated February 26, 2:04 PM

By Maui Now Staff

The Maui Police Department today announced the promotion of three individuals from the rank of sergeant to lieutenant. The promotions took effect on Feb. 16, 2014.

Lieutenant Scott Louis.

Lieutenant Scott Louis.

Lieutenant Scott Louis, a 24-year veteran of the Maui Police Department, begins his new assignment as Watch Commander of the Wailuku Patrol Division.

After joining the department in 1989, he was assigned to the Wailuku, Molokaʻi and Lahaina Patrol Divisions before transferring to the Juvenile Section as an Investigator.


Louis was promoted to sergeant in 2004 and completed assignments in both the Wailuku Patrol Division and Juvenile Section.

Lieutenant Mark Vickers.

Lieutenant Mark Vickers.

Lieutenant Mark MK Vickers is an 18-year veteran of the Maui Police Department, who has completed patrol assignments with the Molokaʻi, Wailuku, and Kīhei Divisions.

Since joining the department, Vickers has also worked on the Special Response Team and Criminal Investigation Divisions.

His most recent assignment was with the Visitor Oriented Policing Section and the Wailuku District Community Police Officer Section. These assignments included handling of parking enforcement for the Wailuku District, Alternative Call Services, and the department’s Highway Incident Traffic Team.

Vickers was among the members of the Community Police Officer Unit that were honored in 2012 for the County Team of the Year award.

Lieutenant Jerald Perkett.

Lieutenant Jerald Perkett.

Lieutenant Jerald Perkett is a 17-year veteran with the Maui Police Department, who began as an early hire, working at the Receiving Desk before attending recruit class training.

His assignments included time with both the Wailuku and Molokaʻi Patrol, and the Vice Division.

In 2008, Perkett was promoted to sergeant, and in 2010, he returned to Wailuku Patrol and was assigned to the Crime Reduction Unit.   Perkett is also a member of the Special Response Team.

Earlier this week, the Maui Police Department announced the promotion of Sterling Kiyota to the rank of captain. The announcement was made on Monday by Chief Gary Yabuta and the department’s executive staff. That promotion takes effect March 16, 2014.



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