Pacific Biodiesel Closes Maui Plant

April 4, 2014, 12:29 PM HST · Updated April 4, 5:40 PM

By Hunter Bishop / via our team at Big Island Now

Used cooking oil from Maui will be processed at Pacific Biodiesel’s production plant on the Big Island, now that its plant on Maui has closed, Pacific Biodiesel said in a press release today.

EPA Director Stephen Johnson (second from left) visits Pacific Biodiesel’s Maui plant in 2006 with regional directors. Courtesy photo.

EPA Director Stephen Johnson (second from left) visits Pacific Biodiesel’s Maui plant in 2006 along with regional directors. Pacific Biodiesel President Robert King is in center. Courtesy photo.

The Maui plant was the prototype for Pacific Biodiesel in 1996 and was “the longest continually operating commercial biodiesel processing facility in the nation,” said today’s release.

But “multiple permits and extensive upgrades” of the facility were required to continue operating under new Maui County regulations, said Robert King, president and founder. “With just over two years left on our contract, we couldn’t justify the costly site improvements that were required to meet the county’s demands.”


Pacific Biodiesel will continue its pumping and collection of used cooking oil and trap grease waste on Maui and Lanai, and its collection and processing facilities on the Big Island and Oahu, the release said, and Biodiesel fuel will continue to be distributed island-wide.

But the cooking oil formerly “pre-processed” on Maui now will be sent directly to the Big Island refinery without it, the release said.

The $13 million Big Island Biodiesel plant was opened in the Shipman Business Park in July 2012.



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