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Maui Fire Chief Receives Positive Evaluation

Maui Fire Chief Jeffery Murray.  Photo by Wendy Osher. [1]

Maui Fire Chief Jeffery Murray. File photo by Wendy Osher.

By Maui Now Staff

Maui Fire Chief Jeffrey Murray received a positive evaluation from the Maui County Fire and Public Safety Commission during its annual mandated review, the commission announced today.

“Chief Murray has performed exceptionally well in relation to the Commission’s expectations,” the announcement said of Chief Murray, who was named to the post six years ago.

Commission Chair William Soares said Murray has not wavered from efforts to move the department forward, and credited the chief for his creativity in combining training for county and state fire recruits.

Chief Jeffrey Murray. Courtesy Photo, Maui Department of Fire and Public Safety. [2]

Chief Jeffrey Murray. Courtesy photo, Maui Department of Fire and Public Safety.

According to the announcement, the evaluation takes into consideration leadership, budget preparation, annual review and update of the department’s strategic plan, department participation in community activities, communication, maintaining leadership, promoting a professional presence in the community, and supervising the merger of the Ocean Safety Department from the Park s Department to the Fire Department as directed by a charter amendment.

“The commission feels that Maui County is fortunate to have a chief that performs to such a high standard, especially with all the challenges that he faces on a daily basis – those being economic issues, emergencies, and equipment and building acquisition and maintenance,” said Soares in a statement.

“Maui County is in good hands with the entire team that is present at the Maui County Fire Department,” he said.