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Hospice Maui Receives Grant from FLEX Program

Hospice Maui. Photo credit: County of Maui. [1]

Hospice Maui. Photo credit: County of Maui.

This year, Hospice Maui received $22,000 in operating support from the Robert Emens Black Fund and Kent & Polli Smith Family Fund, both of which are participating Hawai‘i Community Foundation FLEX grant program funds.

The grant to Hospice Maui will go toward program expenses.

Each year, HCF distributes FLEX grant awards to recognize high-performing nonprofits across the state.

“Speaking on behalf of our board of directors, our staff, our volunteers, and the patients and families whom we serve, I am grateful to the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and its funding partners for this generous gift,“ said Greg LaGoy, Hospice Maui’s CEO.