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Chef Sheldon Simeon Opens “Tin Roof” in Kahului

It's a family affair! Sheldon's wife, Janice Simeon behind the register. She also made the door!

It’s a family affair! Sheldon’s wife, Janice Simeon behind the register. She also made the door!

Top Chef alumnus, Chef Sheldon Simeon [1], has opened his own mom and pop eatery in Kahului. He and his family renovated the place themselves.

In this interview with Maui Now’s Malika Dudley [2], Sheldon talks about why the place is named “Tin Roof”, how it all came about and what’s ahead for him with regard to Migrant.

Fun facts:

Ice cake or Ice cup?

Ice cake or Ice cup?

We checked in with Sheldon at the end of the day and he wanted to express his gratitude for the amazing turnout today.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we received today! Over 200 people stopped by and had lunch with us in the 4 hours we were open. We weren’t expecting such a big turnout and are so appreciative, however we must close for a day to reevaluate in order to better serve the community. We ran out of popular items today and we would not like to experience that in the future.”


Diners enjoying the grinds at "Tin Roof"

Diners enjoying the grinds at “Tin Roof”

Location: 360 Papa Pl. Unit Y / (The old Ko Ko Ichiban Ya location) [3]


Hours (for now): 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. / Monday – Saturday (Just announced: CLOSED tomorrow)



Tin Roof "Mochiko Chicken"

Tin Roof “Mochiko Chicken”


Mochiko Chicken – $7

Pork Belly – $9

Garlic Scrimps (shrimp) – $9

Chop Steak – $8

Poke Bowl – $10


Tin Roof "Chop Steak"

Tin Roof “Chop Steak”


Cup of Broth – $1

Ulu Mac Salad – $1

Banchan – $1

Egg – $1

Dime bag – 50 cents

Ice cup – $2


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.02.58 PMOther Grinds

Kale Salad – $6

Dry Mein – $7

Beet Bok – $5


Take out: 

(808) 868-0753

Tin Roof Maui Website [4] | Tin Roof Maui Facebook [5] | Tin Roof Maui Instagram  [6]