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Hovering Above Maui: Hidden Hikes, Extreme Landscapes

Malika Dudley and Tim Perry explore Maui's Hidden Hikes on a Blue Hawaiian Helicopters flight

Malika Dudley and Tim Perry explore Maui’s Hidden Hikes on a Blue Hawaiian Helicopters flight

We recently flew with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters to get a bird’s eye view of our beautiful island of Maui.

If you would like to go trekking, we’ll show you a sneak peek of what’s in store for you on the Polipoli, King’s trail and others!

Today’s piece explores Maui’s hidden hikes. Check out the video to get a unique perspective on some of Maui’s great hiking trails with Malika Dudley and pilot, Tim Perry.

Mahalo to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters for the beautiful tour of Maui’s hiking trails. Click here to find out more about Blue Hawaiian Helicopters [1] and their helicopter tours which give you the opportunity to explore each of our Hawaiian Islands.


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