Makahiki Championships to Honor Hawaiian Traditions

January 20, 2020, 9:17 AM HST · Updated January 20, 9:17 AM

Photo courtesy: MAʻA

The 2020 Maui Middle School Makahiki Championships will be held at Maui High School, the school announced today.

This school event is sanctioned by the Makahiki Athletic Association (MA’A), the local governing body for Traditional Hawaiian Sports for amatuer athletes.

According to a Maui High press release, Makahiki Season is the oldest Hawaiian New Year festival, in honor of Lono, who brings peace and prosperity to the land. The rising of the star constellation, Pleiades, signals the beginning of the Makahiki season which typically occurs from October through February.

During this time, many religious ceremonies were arranged to ensure a fruitful harvest, renew communal bonds, sports competition, and partake in great feasts of commemoration (‘aha’āina ho’omana’o). MA’A is looking to preserve this ancient tradition through an organized cultural sports league in the schools.

Nearly 200 student-athletes from 9 middle schools will compete in 9 traditional sports that challenges a player’s skill, strength, intelligence, speed, and teamwork.

Maui High School Students will officiate every match after receiving intensive cultural education and training to provide a fair and enjoyable experience for every athlete.

MA’A will also host a Spear Throwing Challenge, with a prize of $1000.

The championships will be held at the Maui High School Football Field on Friday, Jan. 31 during school time.

For additional information about MAʻA, call us @ 808-393-3424 or click here.



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