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Top Maui Restaurants and Dining

Looking for the best restaurants in maui? We’ve put together our list of top maui restaurants, whether you’re dining on a budget, or looking for world class views.

Aloha Mixed Plate, Lahaina

Kiaora Bohlool tours Aloha Mixed Plate
Maui Dining on a Budget: Aloha Mixed Plate didn’t come into this world as a restaurant. It was initially created as the kitchen and bar for one of Maui’s most popular and historic attractions. “The company started out as just Old Lahaina Lūʻau in 1986 down at at 505 Front Street,” explains marketing director Sara Jordan-Polk with parent company, Nā Hoaloha ʻEkolu. “When they moved the location to Moaliʻi where it currently resides, they needed a kitchen, but they also needed to have a liquor license while they were operating, and that’s how Aloha Mixed Plate was born.”

Known as a place “where paper plate meets beachside dining,” the restaurant at the west end of Front Street grew in popularity to the point where the Old Lahaina Lūʻau kitchen moved elsewhere (now near their sister-restaurant, Star Noodle). Aloha Mixed Plate expanded to serve breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., followed by lunch and dinner until 10:00 p.m., seven days a week. The restaurant is now almost 20 years old. And it seems to have sailed through the troublesome teenage years. Other than the now-expected wait times, the biggest issue for this outdoor restaurant looks to be one nobody but Mother Nature can control, along with umbrellas that work better for shade than for rain.

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Merriman's, Kapalua

Kau'ai Shrimp. Photo Courtesy of Merriman's KapaluaKau'ai Shrimp. Photo Courtesy of Merriman's Kapalua
Maui Dining with Local Ingredients: “A locavore is somebody who uses products from the area where we’re at, so everything is sourced locally, fished locally, caught and hunted locally,” explains Merriman’s Kapalua Bar Manager David Horsman. “We’re supporting the local movement, local business and local produce, and everything from our menu is pretty much from the state of Hawaiʻi.”

In fact, Horsman says they strive to have 90% locally-sourced ingredients on the Merriman’s menu, from Kauaʻi shrimp to Hāmākua mushrooms to Waipoli watercress. Some menu highlights include macadamia nut-crusted Monchong, wok-charred Ahi, Tamimi Farms tomato salad, and Kalua pig quesadillas, which Horsman calls “incredible.” “They cook it down for hours with onions, herbs and spices, white jack cheese,” he explains. “Fresh-to-order with house-made kimchi.”

Besides, it can’t get any more local than the restaurant’s own gardens, which grow along the large outdoor patio space and enjoy an epic view of the Pacific.

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Fleetwood's on Front Street, Lahaina

Maui Now's Kiaora Bohlool has an inside look at Fleetwood's on Front Street.
Maui's Celebrity Scene: So you walk into Fleetwood’s on Front Street. More likely, you’re welcomed into Fleetwood’s on Front Street. You sit down, relish a view of the ocean, take in the cool memorabilia, enjoy some unique food and classy drinks. It’s cool. Comfortable. Relaxing. And then this extremely tall, world-renown rock star walks in the room. And guess what? It’s still cool. Comfortable. Relaxing. Because so is he. Mick Fleetwood’s mellow, authentic, classy vibe seems to define his dining room.

“We’re trying to create something people will remember, that is friendly and welcoming,” Mick Fleetwood told me during our chat, saying on his world travels, he’s drawn to restaurants with a warm, open atmosphere, versus a “slick” operation. “When people are traveling, this whole island is about that; they come and they go, so you want to make sure they remember. Like I do when I’m on the road; I remember places that Mom and Dad from the restaurant said, you know, ‘How’re you doing?’ And they have time for you. And you remember an atmosphere; that’s what we hope can be achieved.”

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Hana Ranch Provisions, Paia

Hana Ranch Provisions sign on Baldwin Avenue in Pa'ia. Photo by Kiaora BohloolHana Ranch Provisions sign on Baldwin Avenue in Pa'ia. Photo by Kiaora Bohlool
Organic Maui Restaurant: Hāna Ranch Provisions, at 71 Baldwin Avenue in Pāʻia. It opened in August 2015, showcasing its ranch-raised beef, local fish and organic produce. About half of the fruits and vegetables – currently including papaya, sweet potato, lettuce, chard, bok choy and herbs – are delivered twice a week from the farm in Hāna; the other half come from local farmers who share in the vision for a collaborative, sustainable food system on Maui.

The restaurant is really considered an extension of the ranch, but Hāna Ranch Provisions has been carving out its own identity in Pāʻia town, on the other side of (what many know as) the Mana Foods parking lot. There’s a quick-service counter with coffee and freshly-baked goods open from 7 a.m. to noon, in a nook next to the restaurant. The dining room attracts a vibrant, mostly local crowd between 5 and 9 p.m. every night. There are plans to expand hours for lunch during the week, then brunch on weekends.

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Casanova's, Makawao

Kiaora Bohlool shows us why the Casanova's Makawao is still booming today
Upcountry Restaurant: “The pizzas are fantastic. There’s about 18 pastas in the menu,” he says. “People want to eat what they recognize, what they love; they come back to find it again and again. So yeah, we put out specials, my chefs are always coming to me and saying, ‘Can we do something different?’ But you can count on your favorites when you come to Casanova, and they’re executed perfectly by a cook team I’m blessed to say that is with me 10, 15 years.”

The bustling deli opens at 7:30 a.m., with an outdoor patio where morning people sit, chat and observe along Makawao Avenue. Cappelli says lunchtime attracts mostly visitors exploring upcountry, while locals are “the backbone” of the dinner scene. Happy Hour runs from 5 to 6 p.m. on weekdays, and the main attraction is a half-liter carafe of mojitos, margaritas, Pinot Grigio or Chianti wine for $5.

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Oceanside Restaurant, Ma'alaea

Oceanside restaurant, overlooking Ma'alaea Harbor. Photo by Kiaora BohloolOceanside restaurant, overlooking Ma'alaea Harbor. Photo by Kiaora Bohlool
There is change in the air at Māʻalaea Harbor. And on the ground, where new stone planters have appeared and a newly-renovated restaurant sits, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oceanside made its debut in the Harbor Shops complex on December 22, 2015, in the building that formerly housed Saltimbocca.

There are some staples Executive Chef/Owner Gary King says will never leave the menu, like his Kumu Farms kale salad, shrimp spaghettini and whole Snapper. Although the menu has Mediterranean influences, he doesn’t want to label it. “We keep it simple; it’s American-Mediterranean, but I’m not calling it Italian,” he says. “We’re not a fish joint, we’re not an Italian joint, we’re just whatever I feel like doing.”

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Coconut's Fish Cafe, Kihei

Kiaora Bohlool takes us to Coconut's Fish Cafe, a small space in Kihei that serves 1,000 diners a day.
Coconut’s goes through 500 pounds of fish and welcomes around 1,000 diners every single day. Lines can be long, but staff members at the order counter move fast. Owner Michael Phillips credits the restaurant’s popularity to made-from-scratch menu items, family recipes, affordable prices, well-trained employees and, above all, his loyal customers.

“It’s all a frenzy of excitement of how our customers are told about the food, and then they go out and tell people, then they walk in and tell somebody else,” Phillips says.

Employees encourage diners to grab some extra napkins, eat with their hands and “embrace the mess,” especially when it comes to Coconut’s famous fish tacos, which are made to be unique with seven “layers of flavor” and 17 different ingredients, including Ono, MahiMahi, mango and coconut cole slaw.

“It’s not Mexican flavors, it’s not greasy and it’s not fried,” Phillips explains. “I wanted to create an island taco, number one; number two, a heathy taco; and number three, something way different than what people are used to. The flavors change at the level of when you start to bite on the taco, and as you move through it, literally in the middle is where the best part of the taco is, because then you get it all together.”

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