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Ever Heard of JAWS? - Check out Hawaiiʻs largest WAVE!

Published on December 21, 2019
You ever been to Peahi in Haiku, a.k.a (Jaws)?

I live about a mile away and when itʻs breaking, you can hear the waves all the way from my house. When Jaws breaks, you can feel it in the air and know itʻs going to be an exciting day. We decided to go check it out a day before the contest as well as the day of. Hope yallʻs enjoy these rare sights here on Maui!

Thanks to the World Surf League for providing the epic footage seen in this video! Check them out at www.worldsurfleague.com for more info on the latest contests from all around the world!
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More viddyʻs coming soon! Mahaloʻs for watching & Sharing!

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