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A Maid Around The House Cleaning Services

What's Open » Home Services » South Maui

A MAID AROUND THE HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES provides more than just a routine cleaning. We provide extra service required to maintain a clean and pleasant environment. We make sure all routine areas and requested areas are cleaned proficiently. We also focus on areas most cleaning services overlook, where bacteria tend to accumulate,

Maintaining our reputation is our number one priority. By adhering to this code,we are confident you will be pleased with our cleaning services and quality of work.We do not cut corners, we clean them, or rush through the cleaning process. We accommodate all staff and equipment as necessary to be absolutely certain that whatever cleaning task needs to be done,is done on time and without compromise.As we would very much like to be your cleaning provider. A MAID AROUND THE HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES is confident that we can establish a beneficial and lasting relationship.


Shanna Garcia


Listing Updated on October 29, 2021 11:26 AM

Maui, Hawaii, USA 808-633-2405 [email protected]

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