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Menzer Law Firm

What's Open » Legal Services » West Maui

Matt Menzer of Menzer Law Firm is a top-rated attorney who combines his large law firm experience with personalized service to deliver exemplary results. He has represented individuals in serious personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, and wrongful death cases for more than 30 years, learning the finer points of personal injury law and trial practice at national and regional firms.

Matt launched Menzer Law in 2002 and has grown his practice on the core belief that extensive legal expertise produces the best possible results when paired with high-quality, individual care. When a client partners with Menzer Law, they work directly with Matt, JohnDavid Toren, and Brady Douglas who, along with their skilled legal assistants, practice as a team.

From the initial consultation to the final outcome, they will be your investigators, advocates, and problem-solvers, providing their full attention to skillfully resolve your case through a negotiated settlement or, if necessary, by litigation and a trial.

To that end, Menzer Law limits the number of cases it accepts, allowing Matt and his team to personally see each case through to a successful conclusion.

Listing Updated on January 12, 2022 6:58 AM

2145 Kaohu Street, Wailuku, HI, USA (808) 400-3726 [email protected] menzerlawfirm.com/
Sunday 12:00 AM-11:45 PM
Monday 12:00 AM-11:45 PM
Tuesday 12:00 AM-11:45 PM
Wednesday 12:00 AM-11:45 PM
Thursday 12:00 AM-11:45 PM
Friday 12:00 AM-11:45 PM
Saturday 12:00 AM-11:45 PM
* Hawaii–Aleutian Standard Time

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