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Finding Your Fiji LLC

What's Open » Professional Services » South Maui

Kim Julen, founder of Finding Your Fiji, is a feng shui expert and psychic. Angels and homes talk to her and they always have helpful information to share!

Kim's services, which are all offered remotely, include:

  • Feng Shui home consults
  • Feng Shui office consults
  • Space Clearing
  • Angel Readings
  • Angel Message Circles
  • Retreats (in person)

Kim brings awareness to those things that are keeping you stuck and helps bring Harmony to your Head, Heart and Home. She is passionate about helping you create a life and business filled with ease, and joy and helping you in "Finding Your Fiji" whatever that may be for you!

Listing Updated on August 3, 2020 4:40 PM

Kihei, HI, USA 651-230-7361 [email protected] www.findingyourfiji.com/home

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