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Miller Media Management

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Hire Maui's top-rated social media marketing company to audit your online presence or manage your social media profiles. We work with you to develop a strategy and measure results. We happily take on the posting, commenting, notification monitoring, and content curation for your busy business.


Aloha! My name is Danielle Miller. I’m a social media marketer and small business enthusiast. As an EdVenture Instructor at UHMC and keynote speaker, I’ve talked with hundreds of business owners who know social media is important but aren’t sure how to use it effectively.

In short, I simplify social media marketing so you can connect with a community of customers online. I teach social media workshops and offer done-for-you social media management and advertising packages.

Miller Media Management is Maui’s top-rated social media marketing company. We actively manage social media accounts and run advertising campaigns for national brands. We are a team of member-managers, assistants, and interns. Together, we’ll uncover the social media strategy that works best for your growing business.

I look forward to talking with you! Happy Marketing, Danielle

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Haiku, HI, USA 8086331033 [email protected] mmmsocialmedia.com
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