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VIDEO: Dog the Bounty
Hunter Strikes in Kahului

Updated 10:27 AM HST, March 29, 2011
Posted 06:15 PM HST, March 25, 2011

Dog the Bounty Hunter's crew pin down a suspect. User submitted photo.

By David Kvasnicka








A fugitive was captured today at around 5.30 p.m. by television bounty hunter, “Dog.” The dramatic capture occurred outside the entrance to Sears at the Queen Kaahumanu Mall in Kahului.

According to bystanders, the fight was violent and lasted several minutes, with the bounty hunter crew beating the suspect’s head repeatedly into the ground and against the glass doors of the entrance.

Police arrived at the scene and formally arrested the man. They have not yet released the name of the suspect or any other details. Maui Police are prohibited from making any statements to the press without prior approval.

As the man was taken away by police, Dog said to him, “I’ll write a letter to your mother. Aloha.” The scene was recorded in the video below.


Dog's wife Beth Smith Chapman holds back onlookers. User submitted photo.

According to anecdotal reports at the scene, the man was wanted for assaulting a police officer. The bounty hunters told police that the man’s girlfriend and another man interfered with the capture. They allegedly took the girlfriend’s phone and money, but a bystander offered to take her to her home in Happy Valley.

Mall security and the bounty hunter crew attempted to prevent Maui Now and others from filming the scene. Security guards gave repeated warnings to stop filming, stating that it was “private property.” The film crew accompanying Dog was allowed to film.

Later, a security officer who declined to be named, said that they were under instructions from Mall management to prevent anyone else from filming the incident.


HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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