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Visitor Seriously Injured
by Boat in Ka’anapali

Updated 05:38 PM HST, May 29, 2012
Posted 01:06 PM HST, May 29, 2012

By Wendy Osher

A woman visiting Maui from North Carolina, was seriously injured when she got caught beneath the propellers of a catamaran in waters off of Ka’anapali on Maui this morning, authorities said.

The woman suffered multiple traumatic injuries to her extremities and was transported to the Maui Memorial Medical Center in serious, but stable condition, according to Maui County Paramedics Association spokesperson Ryan Joslin.

The incident was reported at 11:03 a.m. along the shoreline fronting the Whaler’s Village.   Medics were on scene at 11:11 a.m.

The woman, Joslin said, was swimming when she got caught in the rip tide and was sucked up into the propellers of a double hulled catamaran that was actively loading and off-loading passengers at the time.

The woman was pulled to shore where emergency crews assessed the woman’s condition.

The name of the vessel and the identity of the woman involved is pending release.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Guest

    The accident that killed Billy was completely different than this one, in many ways.

    The cats have loaded and offloaded for 25 or so years at Kaanapali, and there have been very few accidents-serious or otherwise.

    The woman was apparently caught in a current………..and the latest on the Maui News mentions that she hit her head on the cat’s hull and got some other lacerations. Props turning actively are NOT in the MN update. If the motor was on, it would have been at a very slow speed, to keep the cat stable since they were loading people.

    The company involved-whichever one it was- deserves a fair review and investigation-not a witch hunt. Oh, and before someone says it, I don’t work for any of them!

  • Malama

    It is  a nightmare for every one involved!
    The issue of prop guards will or could make a situation worse. Prop guards for inboards engines like the beach cats have in kaanapali are much safer and less likely to have an incident then say the cats that have outboard engines on them.
    Outboard engines have the props about 1ft or less under water where the inboard engines with shafts are 2-2.5ft and in some case 3 ft under the water so less likely to injury someone. Propguards on inboard engines would more likely  cause serious damage to the vessel due to propguard hitting the bottom and forceing it into the props and possibly causing the prop to go through the hull and partialy disableing the boat. And with one engine it would be ALMOST  impossible to pull the boat off the beach.
    Now imagine that but now the boat is loading passengersand has passengers on board and this happens to the boat more than likely it goes sideways on the beach with passengers on board,  there would be a greater risk for people to get injured that  way. 
    I agree with the paddlers who say there should be propguards but only for outboards.
    There are lot of facts the we dont know. accidents happen. Charter boats have been operating out of there for many many years in a specific zone. I have been here for 25 years and this is the only one I can recall that involved a CHARTER BOAT IN KAAPAPALI were someone got hit by a prop.

    It is truly unfortunate !!! for the victim and they’re families as well as everybody else involved.

    Before props guards I think there should be better signs at the beach warning about the boats, and I dont mean the ones the the state made and ask the charter boats to put them out on the beach (that only recently happen within the last few months BTW there were none before that). I think the boats could make some signs or banner type of sign that could be attached on the railings or stantions that would say stay back 50 or 100 ft and then be rolled up when not in use and rolled out while being on the beach, and for that matter there could be one as a sticker or painted on above the waterline by the prop.

    We can always find ways to make things safer but accidents will always happen no matter what banning boats from operating is not the right answer.

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