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UPDATE: Fatal Pedestrian
Accident Piilani Hwy / Waipuilani

Updated 09:09 AM HST, March 5, 2013
Posted 05:39 PM HST, March 4, 2013
Piilani Highway file photo by Wendy Osher.

Piilani Highway file photo by Wendy Osher.

(Update: 10:03 p.m. 3/4/13)

By Wendy Osher

A 49-year-old Kihei woman suffered fatal injuries when she was struck by an oncoming pickup truck while crossing the Piilani Highway in South Maui on foot, police said.

The accident was reported at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 4, 2013 on the Piilani Highway, at the Waipuilani Road intersection.

A preliminary police investigation reveals that the woman, later identified as Lynnette Marie Korinko, had been walking on the Wailea side of Waipuilani Road, toward the Piilani Highway.

Once she reached the Piilani Highway, police say she paused for Wailea bound traffic to clear, then proceed to walk across the two Wailea bound lanes of travel and stopped on the double solid yellow lines, in between several delineators.

After waiting for some traffic to go by, police say the woman began crossing the two Maalaea-bound lanes of travel.  Once she reached the outside, slow lane of travel, police say the woman collided with a black 2004, Toyota Tacoma that was traveling toward Maalaea.

Sgt. Jamie Becraft, with the Maui Police Department’s Vehicle Homicide Unit, noted that the intersection does not have a crosswalk, and does not allow vehicles coming from Waipuilani Road to turn left onto the Piilani Highway.

Authorities say the 40-year-old Paia man driving the Takoma was uninjured. His 32-year-old male passenger from Haiku was also uninjured.

Maui police say Korinko died of her injuries at around 7:19 p.m. after being transported to the Maui Memorial Medical Center.

The involvement alcohol, speed, and drugs are still under investigation.

This was the second traffic fatality on Maui County roads compared to three at the same time last year.

(Update: 8:20 p.m.)

The Piilani Highway is now OPEN in both directions. The traffic accident has been cleared. Further details will be posted upon release from the Maui Police Department. Please check back for updates.

(Update: 7:41 p.m. 3/4/13)

The Piilani Highway at East Waipuilani remains closed following a motor vehicle accident reported during the 4 p.m. hour.  Traffic continues to be diverted down side streets, but motorists are reporting significant delays.

Kahului-bound traffic is being diverted down Piikea Avenue; and South-bound traffic is being diverted down East Waipuilani Road.

There is no estimated time on when the Highway will be reopened.  Motorists should avoid the area in the interim.

(Update: 5:53 p.m. 3/4/13)

Piilani Highway at East Waipuilani remains closed in the north-bound direction due to a traffic accident reported earlier this afternoon.

Police say Kahului-bound traffic is being diverted down Piikea Avenue, and South-bound traffic is being diverted down East Waipuilani Road.

(Posted: 4:53 p.m. 3/4/13)

Motorists are advised of a partial road closure on the Piilani Highway due to a motor vehicle accident.

At around 4:53 p.m., on Monday, March 4, 2013, Maui police closed the north bound lane of Piilani Highway in Kihei at the intersection of Waipuilani Road.

There was no estimated time on when the road would be reopened.


HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • Kihei Boy

    It’s 7:45pm. What’s the latest? Just sat at almost a stand still for an hour.

  • Oasis

    8:20 and Lipoa is still gridlocked trying to get to S.Kihei Rd

  • AlohaFromCali

    Just heard some bad news back home on Maui. Can someone give me more details on what’s going? Hope nobody got hurt.

  • Jess

    South Kihei aint any better. Called me at 5 something to ask if the road was closed as he was leaving work and is still by charlie youngs 3 hours later.

  • todaresq

    As we all know by now, if it takes more than 3 hrs. to clear, chances are there’s a fatality involved. Hopefully there isn’t, but this is the 2 traffic accident on Piilani Hwy. within a couple of weeks. Both times, i’ve been in the general area minutes after they’ve happened and made immediate action to take alternative routes to get home. We don’t have an emergency action plan that allows for efficient traffic management. There were more accidents/incidents soon after today’s traffic snarl from people trying to sneak in and out of roadways, make u-turns in the middle of the road and lack of “aloha” didn’t make it any better. I’m sitting here watching traffic crawl on S. Kihei and i’ve watch people walk faster to get to their destinations.


    People island wide need to slow down & be careful. There was also a terrible accident on Haleakala Highway last Thursday where I saw a guy speeding in the pouring rain in a red toyota truck and went across the highways into the wrong lane & hit a small car head on!!!! I know it holds up traffic, but think about the pain & suffering these accidents are causing. The driver needed to be taken out by the jaws of life was in the hospital. Slow down people…enough of the accidents & people getting hurt!

  • Aloysious Farquart

    Here’s a tip: When a pedestrian steps into the road motorists are required to yield the fricken right-of way. It doesn’t matter how stupid their maneuver might be.

    I’ll bet motorists didn’t even slow blowing by her standing in the middle of the road.

    In their defense, chances are excellent had anyone stopped they’d have been rear-ended at some velocity in excess of the speed limit and perhaps driven into Ms. Korinko, or they would have passed on the right slowing only slightly and run over her as she reached the “safety” of the shoulder.

    Condolences to family and friends.

    “The first thing we must recognize is that crashes are not accidents.”
    -Ricardo Martinez, M.D., NHTSA Administrator, 1997

    • Do no harm

      True, peds have the right of way. But reserve your armchair quarterbacking of the incident. You were not there. I was. I’m not sure this report has the facts straight (statements made about transport of the victim don’t jive with what I saw, and know to be true). So lets not vilify the driver quite yet

      • Aloysious Farquart

        My mistake. I forgot to discard my 50 years of watching the decline of aloha on Hawaii roadways until it matches that of LA in favor of what you saw.

        • Do no harm

          What I saw, I’ll see to the day I die, buddy… I could describe the scene and circumstances in graphic and clinical detail, but I’ll choose not to – as the vic’s friends and family could be reading this. You rush to fault the driver involved, yet, you have no idea what the facts really are – that driver had NO CHANCE to stop -he never even saw her! This is why you don’t try to cross an unprotected 4 lane highway with a 45mph speed limit! it’s a really good way to get really dead really fast. Is there a lack of aloha on the roads around here? there sure as hell is… but what you are telling us is… it’s ok to jaywalk on a busy 4 lane high speed highway and expect to not get hit because hey: “I’m a pedestrian and I have the right of way, and it’s the responsibility of drivers to avoid me if I do something dangerous and foolish, never mind that normal human reaction time and physics are not on my side” yeah… I see plenty Aloha in that attitude and your statement.

          • Aloysious Farquart

            You don’t have to describe it to me. I’m a former EMT, and Vietnam -combat- vet.

            And if another motorist reported seeing her in the center of the roadway, how did the motorist who struck her miss seeing her?

            If they had NO CHANCE to stop, might that be related to chosen velocity presumably 10-15 mph over the speed limit? Cell phone clamped to the head as well, perhaps?

            We need not delve into your absence of method of determining what someone other than yourself did or didn’t see.

            No rational person can observe the operational habits and lack of due diligence of the vast majority of motorists and conclude their crashes and running over of pedestrians in the road are in any way accurately describable as “accidents”.

          • Do no harm

            Wow… Well I guess you have it all figured out dude.
            good luck with that…

          • Aloysious Farquart

            Ah, ridicule! Last refuge of the ignorant, always makes such a sparkling rebuttal.

            If you think that perspective is original to me, you have to be blind and stupid, and missed my sig; nothing is more obvious or common on our roadways.

            You know you drive as you shouldn’t, and I know if your luck runs out you’ll rationalize and excuse yourself similarly. I didn’t see! (because you weren’t -really-looking) There was no way I could have stopped in time! (because you were going too fast) There was nothing I could do! (right, at that point). It was an accident!

            I’ll bet tomorrow what you saw that you’ll see until the day you die, buddy has -absolutely no effect- on your motoring choices, habits or judgment, because you believe it could never happen to you, same as everyone believes it can’t happen to them.

            Yeah, I invented that premise, too.

            The rapidity of change from “I got my license!” to “All the rules are stacked against me!” can only be measured by factors of the speed of light.

            I hope you’ll remember this exchange until the day you die, and that it isn’t by motor vehicle “accident”.

  • Tom ,@ Kamole Nalu Resort….

    My prayers go out to all involved in this terrible accident , and although this one involved local people ,it has always been my understanding that Maui being a major tourist destination ,attracts many people from all over the world. With this in mind ,I think there must be so many different driving practises / experiences…in , many visitors are not familiar with the pedestrian crosswalk rule/law .I have witnessed many close calls , where walking people attempt to cross and cars either not stopping deliberately or not realizing the law and become irate when people step out in front of them in the crosswalk. This law also applies to scooters and bicycles ,Yield ! MEANS STOP! By the way ,SCOOTERS should not be allowed in the bicycle lanes ,at any time. Passing on the right at 40mph is asking for trouble. While I’m at it , the variations of speed limits on South Kihei Rd is confusing. Recently speed signs were changed on South Kihei Rd ,in some area’s N-bound is 30mph and S-bound 20mph. Raising the speed limits in heavy pedestrian traffic area’s like “Kalama Park” not smart ! One suggestion would be to erect billboard size signs on the long stretch of 20mph roadway advising travelers arriving from the airport of Maui’s visitor friendly laws /regulations. Like buckle it or ticket…..?.
    Just food for thought !

  • elwood p dowd

    let me get this straight…………..some lady is killed trying to cross the Piilani……..and several of the comments are complaining about slow traffic……………….pretty disgusting………….

    • Do no harm

      I know… Right? I was there. I’m the guy who checked vitals on the victim before the police arrived on the scene, condition of the victim was such that CPR Was of no use. If its any consolation to any of you… The death was very quick. For a fatal there are procedures that must be followed, evidence needs to be collected, the site must be surveyed. Witnesses must be interviewed. you can’t have cars driving over evidence. No matter if you are late for whatever. The closing of the road was by the book.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Cary.Young111 Cary Young

        Thanks for being a good samaritan!

      • http://www.facebook.com/judy.peryea Judy Peryea

        Thank you I am Lynnettes Mom and Im so happy you posted this. We were all wondering if she suffered.

  • COgirlinparadise

    My thoughts go out to the family of the victim. The traffic delay could have been much shorter if the Maui PD would have gotten out of their cars (instead of driving back and forth in the traffic jam) and directed traffic. There was a need to bypass the traffic lights and direct traffic at intersections to allow cars to turn onto Kihei Road, thereby keeping traffic moving. In most places, the goal is to get traffic moving – yes, even when there’s a fatality. It would seem that even on this island that would also be a priority. Take pictures, videos, and then move the accident to the side to at least get one lane of traffic moving. Perhaps it’s time to send our folks in blue somewhere to get some accident investigation and traffic movement training. Maui needs a contingency plan on diverting traffic when accidents occur.

    • Dave

      Actually, when there’s been a traffic fatality, the priority is not “to get traffic moving”. I’m sorry if you were late to your luau, but when there’s been any type of homicide, anywhere, the scene has to be secured, and a complete and thorough investigation has to take place. If it was your loved one that lost her life, would you want the police to just take a picture and push it to the side? Sorry you were inconvenienced, but next time think before you post.

  • stop, look and listen

    god bless the poor soul that lost their life, that said I”m not sure what people are thinking, attempting to cross a busy highway with no crosswalk, no stop light and not a normal place for a pedestrian to be crossing the road, stopping in the middle of the road on the yellow line? Does anyone see this at DANGEROUS? no everyone says “some words in a book that most people don’t follow will protect you:” the physics are simple 5000lb car made of metal and 140 lb human collide what is going to protect you, the words in a book or your common sense?…….really people use your brains not the BS that is fed to you

  • kapua26

    Drivers Fail to pay attention to pedestrians whether they are in a crosswalk or at a crosswalk. Far to many drivers neglect to respect our pedestrians. On March 4, at the intersection in front of King Kekaulike I stopped to let a child cross on a marked cross walk, the other driver stopped as the child was crossing in front of my car a police officer in a marked vehicle not paying attention flew past us and kept right on going, the child stopped in front of my car, if the child was not paying attention he would have been the next fatality. The message here is a Police Officer Failed to Stop at a crosswalk for a pedestrian,a high school student walking to school. Police Officers are our communities leaders, they lead by example if they are unable to set good examples for our community then they should not be police officers and they should not take advantage of their status of being a police officer. As for many drivers out on our roadways: “PAY ATTENTION TO CROSSWALKS, PAY ATTENTION TO THE PEDESTRIAN WALKING ALONG SIDE THE ROAD”. they to are at the hands of drivers. Deepest Sympathy to the family who have lost their loved one

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