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Maui Inmate Escapes During
Work Detail in Waikapū

Updated 03:28 PM HST, October 28, 2013
Posted 01:49 PM HST, October 28, 2013
Reid I.L. KAUHAAHAA. Photo courtesy Maui Police.

Reid I.L. KAUHAAHAA. Photo courtesy Maui Police.

By Wendy Osher

Maui police are canvasing the Waikapū area after an inmate, identified as Reid I.L. Kauhaahaa escaped during work detail with the Maui Community Correctional Center.

The escape was reported at 12 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 28, 2013 in the area of the Honoapiʻilani Highway and the Waikapū on 30 Restaurant.

“Kauhaahaa is under Community Custody status, meaning he is allowed to work in the community. Community Custody is lower than Minimum Custody,” explained Toni Schwartz, a spokesperson with the state Department of Public Safety

She continued saying Kauhaahaa, “walked away from a workline.

Kauhaahaa, who is in the work furlough program was serving five years in prison for second degree Burglary and second degree Theft.

His next parole hearing was scheduled for February 28, 2014, Schwartz told Maui Now.

Police say nearby schools were notified of the incident.

Kauhaahaa is described as 26 years old, standing 5’6” tall, weighing 145 pounds, with brown eyes and long brown hair (possibly in a ponytail).

Police say Kauhaahaa has tattoos on both the left and right side of his neck.

He was last seen wearing an orange shirt and a pair of jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to call Maui Police.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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  • NICK


  • MauiShadow

    Couldn’t wait a couple more months for parole? Good thing the neck tat doesn’t stand out! I wonder if these guys get neck tats like this after they’ve done time to show off, or before they’ve done time, to announce their intention to be a career criminal.

  • wrong decision

    To small of an island to run…… run forest run!!!!! LOL…. o_o

  • 101

    I strongly suspect that this guy has never voted Republican.

    • ddftr

      Probably never found them WMD’s either.

      • 101

        Well, he’d have to have been serving his nation, instead of servicing the desires of his fellow inmates, if he was gonna do that.

  • Maui_Mike

    This isn’t the first time someone with a neck tat walked away from this program, one time it was a face tat if I’m not mistaken…..not a smart little man.

    • 101

      After spending as much time in jail as he has, he’s probably got knockers tattooed on his back.
      Way to represent!

  • Aebriane

    lock down in my school…he was there but was never seen….

    • 101

      Why did they lock down the school? Is he a predatory homosexual pedophile?

  • Big question

    Could the ink make the man not think?Could the DNA gone astray?Look out little rat we got a bear cat!!

  • 101

    I suspect that his time in jail taught him every possible meaning of the words to the song “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”.

  • jaekob

    should have stayed in jail you would come out early but now you have to come out late

  • Jus’ wondering?

    Have they caught this guy????

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