Fair to Impact Maui Bus Services

September 28, 2018, 2:27 PM HST · Updated September 28, 2:42 PM

The Maui Fair will impact Maui Bus routes, stops, and commuter parking during fair and parade days, the Department of Transportation said.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, the Maui Bus service will be rerouted and certain stops will not be in service due to the Maui Fair Parade’s partial closure of Kaʻahumanu Avenue.  

The Oct. 4 changes will impact the following routes, stops, and times:

Lāhainā Islander Route #20 (Lahaina Bound): The 4:40 p.m. and 5:40 p.m. Wells Street and Waikapū stops from the Queen Kaʻahumanu Center heading to Lāhainā will not operate.


Kahului Loop Route #5: The 3:38 p.m., 4:38 p.m. and 5:38 p.m. Wahine Pio/MACC stop from the Queen Kaʻahumanu Center will not run. The 4:41 p.m. and 5:41 p.m. Roselani Place and Papa Avenue/Kea Street stops will not operate.

Kahului Reverse Loop Route #6:  The 2:42 p.m., 3:42 p.m., 4:42 p.m. and 5:42 p.m. Wahine Pio/UH Maui College stop going to Queen Kaʻahumanu Center will not run. The 4:39 p.m. and 5:39 p.m. Roselani Place and Papa Avenue/Kea Street stops will not operate.

Wailuku Loop Route #1: The 4:36 p.m. and 5:36 p.m. Maui Memorial Medical Center and Maui Lani Parkway stops will not run. The 4:22 p.m., 5:22 p.m. and 6:22 p.m. Kanaloa Avenue stops will not operate.


Wailuku Reverse Loop Route #2:  The 4:03 p.m., 5:03 p.m. and 6:03 p.m. Kanaloa Avenue stops will not operate.

Waiheʻe Villager Route #8:  The 4:18 p.m. and 4:50 p.m. Kea Street, Papa Avenue, Roselani Place and Wahine Pio/MACC stops to and from Queen Kaʻahumanu Center will not operate.  

The other bus routes will operate as normal with some changes in street routing but will continue to serve all other bus stops. Passengers are asked to expect delays in pickup times due to the increased traffic during the parade.

Other changes include the following:

During Fair hours, the Wailuku Loop Route #1 and the Wailuku Reverse Loop Route #2 will not service any of the bus stops on Kanaloa Avenue because of the heavy traffic expected in that area. These buses will be rerouted onto Wahine Pio Avenue during Fair hours.

Maui Bus commuter parking, which is normally allowed at the War Memorial Stadium parking lot, will be relocated to the Kahului Boat Ramp from Tuesday, Oct. 2, through Sunday, Oct. 7.

More information on the Maui bus changes is available by contacting Roberts Hawaiʻi at (808) 871-4838 or the County of Maui Department of Transportation at (808) 270-7511. General bus schedule information can be found on all county buses and is available online



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