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Maui Now does not guarantee the truthfulness or accuracy of the classified listings placed on this site, and accepts no responsibility for claims of any kind resulting from the placement of such advertising. Maui Now assumes that all advertising is legal and is not misleading or untruthful. Maui Now is not responsible for any faulty goods or services advertised on this site, nor is it responsible for person-to-person communication. As with any transaction, BUYER and SELLER BEWARE.

Please proofread your ads very carefully. MauiNow.com cannot delete ads simply because they might contain a mistake, nor can MauiNow.com remove an ad because the item has sold. Ads remain on the site until expiration. You may however, log in to your account and delete your own ad.

Maui Now reserves the right to reject or remove any listings we deem unsuitable. If you do not agree to abide by these Maui Now Classifieds Rules, you may not participate in Maui Now Classifieds.

Maui Now Classifieds are intended for individuals buying, selling and trading goods and services, not personal correspondence. Please do not post ads for the following:

  • · Adult-oriented material
  • · Comments about other ads or posters
  • · Discussions
  • · Competing Web sites
  • · File sharing / piracy
  • · Personal correspondence
  • · Personal opinions or expressions
  • · Prescription medication
  • · Replies to others ads or posters
  • · Weapons or weapon-related items

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