Maui Police to Monitor ʻĪao Valley Traffic

September 19, 2016, 4:08 PM HST · Updated September 20, 6:45 AM

ʻĪao Valley Road Closure.

ʻĪao Valley Road Closure.

The County of Maui issued a reminder to visitors and residents today that access to ʻĪao Valley remains limited to local residential traffic only, and that police have been stationed at the top of ʻĪao Valley Road to monitor the area.

“Recently, ʻĪao Valley residents have expressed concerns about people coming on to their property and taking pictures, or checking out the flood damage to the area,” said County Communications Director Rod Antone.  County officials say that in most cases these people are trespassing upon private property.

Rangers patrolling the entrance to Kepaniwai Park earlier in the week.

Rangers patrolling the entrance to Kepaniwai Park earlier in the week.


“Please stay out of the area if you have no business being there,” said Antone in a county issued press release. “Kepaniwai Park is closed. ʻĪao Valley State Park is closed. The rest of the valley is a residential area and not a scenic lookout or a place for people to take pictures of property damage so they can post them on social media. Please respect residents’ property and their privacy,” said Antone.

Civil Defense officials also point out that some property owners are using heavy machinery to clean up and so safety may be an issue for on-lookers. The Maui Police Department began monitoring local traffic in the area today (Monday, Sept. 19.)



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