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Voter Turnout Up Across the State: Maui at 56.4%

Voter turnout, graphics/image by Wendy Osher.

Voter turnout, graphics/image by Wendy Osher.

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As an election year, voter turnout improved across the state over the last election cycle, but it remained below previous presidential election [2]s in 2008 and 2012.  In Maui County, voter turnout was 56.4%, ahead of the statewide turnout of 55.4%.

Maui’s voter turnout improved from 52.7% in 2014 [3] to 56.4% this year. Of the 93,912 registered voters in Maui County, 52,969 cast ballots in the General Election.  This included a precinct turnout of 26,493 and an absentee turnout of 26,476, representing 28.2% of the vote each.

Voter turnout was up across the state from 2014, with 415,792  of the 749,917 registered voters casting ballots for a statewide turnout at 55.4% in 2016.  Statewide precinct turnout was 198,975 or 26.5% and absentee turnout was 216,817 or 28.9%.

The lowest turnout was in the City and County of Honolulu, where 270,865 of the 498,590 registered voters cast ballots, representing 54.3%. Precinct turnout was 134,010 or 26.9% and absentee turnout was 136,855 or 27.4%.

The highest registration was on the island of Kauaʻi where 27,225 of the 44,332 registered voters cast ballots for a 61.4% voter turnout.  Precinct turnout was 12,004 or 27.1% and absentee turnout was 15,221 or 34.3%.

The Big Island of Hawaiʻi did better in absentee voting than Maui, but had the lowest precinct turnout in the state at 23.4% or 26,468.  Absentee turnout, meantime, was 33.8%, or 38,265  A total of 64,733 people cast ballots on Kauaʻi out of the 113,083 that were registered to vote.