Ask the Mayor: Can You Stop Pickleball Lines From Being Painted on Tennis Courts?

November 27, 2017, 1:52 PM HST · Updated November 27, 1:52 PM

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the questions submitted to his staff.

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Aloha Mayor,


Q: I have recently been made aware of plans to paint pickleball lines on top of the existing tennis facilities at Kula Community Center. I am adamantly opposed to this idea. I have lived on Maui since 1982 and in Kula since 2002, and use these courts frequently with my now teenaged children.

I feel the two sports cannot coincide on the same courts due to different rules of the court, net damage and distracting noise.

If the pickleball enthusiasts feel they need a court, they should have their own separate area. Just as baseball fields are for baseball and golf courses are for golf, tennis courts are for tennis period; they are not multipurpose courts.

Please do not allow the voices of a few outspoken citizens sway you into making an unfair decision that affects a larger majority of tennis players on the island.

Thank you in advance for using your sensibilities to stop this plan from progressing any further.

A: We have heard from a number of concerned residents on both sides of the issue.

Proponents point to pickleball as a quickly growing sport that is inclusive and easy to learn.

Those opposed to pickleball lines being painted on tennis courts feel as you do, that the additional lines are confusing, especially when youth are playing in competition.

To be fair, our parks staff has been trying very hard to accommodate the needs of players of both sports, but it appears that some compromises will need to be made on both sides of the net, so to speak.

The department is currently discussing possible plans for more pickleball courts at certain locations, as well as pickleball-only courts in other locations, such as the Hali‘imaile courts that are in need of repair and resurfacing anyway.

Thank you for sharing your insights, which I’ll pass along to our parks department.



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