Maui Pukaball Tournament Winners Announced

December 10, 2018, 9:19 AM HST · Updated December 10, 9:36 AM
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(L–R) Pickleball Pro Lisa Naumu, Pickleball Is Great tournament organizer Mike Hoxie and Pickleball Is Great Operations Specialist Gigi Guerra. Courtesy photo.

Women’s Doubles 3.0 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Mixed Doubles 2.5 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Mixed Doubles 3.0 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Mixed Doubles 4.0 & 4.5 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Men’s Doubles 3.0 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Men’s Doubles 3.5 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,

Men’s Doubles 4.0 Division winners. PC: Laurie Loney,


    Eighty-two enthusiastic players of all ages and skill levels participated in Maui’s 2018 Pukaball Tournament and clinics Thursday through Monday, Dec. 6 to 10, 2018, at the Wailea Tennis Club.

    The field was comprised of 38 men and 44 women; 54 players were over 50 years old (66%), playing in women’s, men’s and mixed skill divisions.

    Pickleball, also known as pukaball on Maui, is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.

    The tournament was a Round Robin format, non-sanctioned tournament.


    “Legacy” USAPA ratings were used for this tournament, not the USAPA Tournament Player Rating (UTPR). For more information on rating, go online.

    The tournament, the first of its kind (with player ratings and multiple events) in a series of annual events planned for the future, was organized by Mike Hoxie of Pickleball Is Great (PIG) and PIG Operations Specialist Gigi Guerra.

    Guerra and Hoxie met two years ago at the USAPA Ambassador Retreat in Florida.

    Pickleball Pro Lisa Naumu conducted pickleball clinics throughout the tournament. In addition to playing pickleball on a professional level, Naumu is also a certified IPTPA professional pickleball coach. A dozen participated in the clinics.

    “Both of us have loved playing pickleball for more than five years and have competed in Pickleball Tournaments throughout the west,” said Hoxie.

    “The local pickleball community has come together with the leadership from Maui Pickleball Ambassador Laurie Loney to create a relaxed and fun experience,” said Hoxie about the Maui tournament.

    “The weather is so perfect with the dry conditions in South Maui and the Wailea Tennis club has great shelter from the winds,” Hoxie said. “While the rest of the island has been blown away with windy and wet winter weather, Wailea has been an ideal facility to host this event in a dry and beautiful location.”

    Hoxie, originally a Hawai‘i native, now living in Portland, said he came to Maui for a visit this past summer and played pickleball with Loney (

    “There is such a growing demand on the island and many players are now traveling for tournaments,” said Hoxie.

    In addition to the Maui tournament, this year, Pickleball Is Great organized tournaments in Homer, Alaska; Walla Walla, Vancouver, Sequim and Spokane in Washington; Klamath Falls, Beaverton, Wilsonville and Oregon City in Oregon; Santa Barbara, Paso Robles and Templeton in California; and Eloy in Arizona.

    Hoxie said that next year, additional planned tournaments will include Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, Colorado Springs in Colorado, Bainbridge Island and Seattle in Washington, Seaside in Oregon and Pasadena in California. Guerra will again be traveling with Hoxie as part of the PIG management team.

    Next year’s Maui tournament is planned for the week following Thanksgiving.

    For more information about pickleball on Maui, email Loney.


    Women’s Doubles 3.5 Division Winners

    Jody Singsank, Kula
    Caroline Walker, Makawao

    Taryn Andrews, Kīhei
    Suzanne Andrews, Salinas, California

    Laurie Loney, Kula
    Marcy Perreira, Ha‘ikū

    Women’s Doubles 3.0 Division Winners

    Dorothy Morse, Wailuku
    Debra Lordan, Makawao

    Susan Frieder, Wailuku
    Julie Chon, Kīhei

    Sarah Mark, Kahului
    Ellen Perreira, Ha‘ikū

    Mixed Doubles 2.5 Division Winners

    Janet Greenwood, Pickleball Regina, Kisbey, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Johnny Greenwood, Pickleball Regina, Kisbey, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Kelly Watanabe, Wailuku
    Keoni Tengan, Maui FamilyYMCA, Kahului

    Wendie Schwab, Wailuku
    Michael Bales, Kīhei

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 Division Winners

    Susan Frieder, Wailuku
    David Quinn, Maui

    Dorothy Morse, Wailuku
    Todd Stupe, Kīhei

    Dominga Abe, Makawao
    Eric Abe, Makawao

    Mixed Doubles 3.5 Division Winners

    Rumi Masumura, Koloa, Kaua‘i
    Brant Fuchigami, Līhue, Kaua‘i

    Laurie Loney, Kula
    Steven Loney, Kula

    Amy McDougal, Concord, California
    Kirk Beitz, Diablo Pickleball Club, Kailua-Kona

    Mixed Doubles 4.0 & 4.5 Division Winners

    Jody Singsank, Kula
    Patrick Holland, Makawao

    Sheon Quaempts, Yakima Tennis Club, Washington
    Todd Richter, Pukalani

    Caroline Walker, Makawao
    Craig Soderberg, Makawao

    Men’s Doubles 3.0 Division Winners

    John Bruce, Kīhei
    Andrew McKee, Kīhei

    Mario Bitonti, Wailuku
    Dennis Holland, Wailuku

    Ed Horstman, Ha‘ikū
    Aaron Mark, Kahului

    Men’s Doubles 3.5 Division Winners

    Todd Stupe, Kīhei
    Eric Abe, Makawao

    Steven Loney, Kula
    Wendell Condon, Wailuku

    Mark Hidber, Terrace, British Columbia, Canada
    David Quinn, Maui

    Men’s Doubles 4.5 Division Winners

    Philip Greenwood, Pickleball Regina, Kisbey, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Cameron Rich, Kamloops Pickleball Club, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

    Brant Fuchigami, Līhue, Kaua‘i
    Talon Abat, Furry Cake, Waimea

    Patrick Holland, Makawao
    Todd Kawasaki, Kahului

    Sponsors for Maui’s first-of-its-kind pickleball tournament included:

    • Wailea Tennis Center
    • Head Pickleball
    • Selkirk Sports
    • Onix
    • Pickleball Maui
    • Pickleball Central
    • Paddletek
    • Kula True Value
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