Victorino Invokes Temporary Appointment Provision

February 26, 2019, 5:59 AM HST · Updated February 27, 9:43 AM

Photos: David Goode (left); Will Spence (middle); J D Kim (right). Courtesy County of Maui.

Mayor Michael Victorino has invoked the Maui County Charter’s temporary appointment provision to maintain three acting department directors in their positions until replacements can be found and appointed. This comes after the council rejected three of the mayor’s nominees on Friday.

Temporary interim status has been given to John Kim as prosecuting attorney until March 1st; William Spence as temporary interim director at the Department of Housing and Human Concerns until March 17th; and David Good as temporary interim director of the Department of Public Works.


Mayor Victorino said he’s taking time to interview candidates. He has 60 days to submit new names for consideration.

Pursuant to Article 6, Section 6-2(4), “the mayor shall have the authority to appoint, on a temporary basis, an administrative head of any department, provided that such department is one where the administrative head is appointed by the mayor.”

“I have some people in mind already to fill some of these director positions; I’m still searching for other appointees,” Mayor Victorino said. “I am taking the time, permitted under the Maui County Charter, to interview candidates for these positions. When I have found new, qualified candidates, who share my vision of delivering outstanding customer service to the people of Maui County, I will nominate them for director positions.”

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